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Mujuru refuses to comment on military takeover

People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) leader Joice Mujuru says she is not in a position to comment on the current military takeover that happened on Tuesday night.
Addressing a media briefing, Mujuru said she is yet to study the situation and will not comment out of excitement.
“You are not taking time to read in between the lines, there are lot of things that are not showing that you are not reading, some of us yes are political animals but we are also military people and the military is in charge of Zimbabwe right now and that is why I dont want to comment.
“Thats the reason I dont want to comment either or. If you come after two days and continue asking me the same question because of developing issues I will give you a story,” she said.
Asked as to whether what has happened to President Robert Mugabe is justified, Mujuru said she could not not comment on the issue.
Further pressed to comment on the immediate future or what current developments mean for the country and what can be expected, the PRC leader said she was not aware of anything adding that “my position right now is that i am getting everything from the media.
“So do give us the correct position because you are serving a great purpose including mine,” she said.
Asked to comment on whether Zimbabwe is able to deal with its current problems without the intervention of SADC or other blocs, Mujuru said “once Zimbabweans decide on what to do, I think that will be the issue that we will follow, because right now we havent sat, you are seeing me as a leader from PRC.
“I havent heard of what is taking place with other opposition parties, but once that takes place we are sure to brief you on what should take place,” she added.
Although various people have described what happened on Tuesday as a coup, the military on the other hand insist that it ihas not takenover power but is still weeding out criminal elements surrounding President Mugabe.
Currently several Cabinet Ministers have been arrested and are reportedly under military custody awaiting their fate.
President Mugabe’s current situation since the takeover remains unknown, but the military has maintained that his security and that of his family is guaranteed.
The military takeover has however put several countries on high alert with Botswana and United Kingdom issuing temporary travel bans to its citizens.
There is also take of negotiations for a possible National Transitional Government reportedly led ousted Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, deputised by Dumiso Dabengwa and Joice Mujuru.
MDC-T Morgan Tsvangirai is tipped for the Prime Minister position while prominent lawyer-cum politician Tendai reportedly earmarked for the Finance Ministry job.
Joice Mujuru however expressed ignorance of the talk and the proposed structure.

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