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Biti Dismisses 2018 elections, renews call for NTA

By Wisdom Mumera
People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti says the 2018 general elections are irrelevant as they will not be able to bring the transformation that Zimbabwe requires.
The general elections expected in less than six months are being viewed by others as the vehicle through which the country can transform itself politically, socially and economically.
However, according to Biti, Zimbabwe is in need of real transformation which cannot be attained through the normative cycles of elections.
Speaking at the Southern Africa Political Economy Series (SAPES) Trust recently, Biti said the only the National Transitional Authority (NTA) can help bring the transformation needed in the country.
“This is a country crying out for real transformation, real change. We are all united in one thing that this country needs a new paradigm but an election in itself per se will not be the cause of that paradigm.
“Which is why some of us like Tony Reeler and Ibbo Mandaza were arguing that we need a National Transitional Authority (NTA) because it offers a forum where we re-craft, renew the idea of what we mean by Zimbabwe,” he said.
Biti added that “since 1980 we have had 12 elections, which means every 3 years 8 months we have an election. The obsession, the electro-centric obsession we have in Zimbabwe is not justified because the outcomes of those elections have not had any meaningful substantive change.
“Elections have been there to reinforce the status quo, to cement a status quo,” he added.
The former finance minister in the inclusive government said the country is currently divided and there is a lack of national vision, a scenario that nullifies all government efforts of economic revival.
“We don’t have a common vision. The NTA offered an opportunity to sculpt that vision. The Junta is currently talking about attracting investors and new business and so forth but within what context, within what vision, to arrive at what destination.
“So they posit, the kwashiorkor of ideas is so self-evident and that’s the problem with Zimbabwe, everything is so short term,” he added.
Despite his misgivings about the elections, Biti however, reiterated that the MDC Alliance will give its all for a win.

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