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SMART will liberate Zimbabwe: Chamisa

By Daniel Chigundu

MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa has said his party’s election manifesto that was launched yesterday dubbed Sustainable and Modern Agenda for Real Transformation (SMART) is a great program that will liberate Zimbabwe from current challenges.

Zimbabwe is currently facing economic challenges that are being fronted by the crippling liquidity and cash crisis which has forced people to spend days and nights in bank queues.

The challenges have also forced a lot of companies to close shop or scale down on operations due to an unfavourable operating environment that is being affected by low disposable income and many other issues.

Addressing delegates at the launch of SMART, Chamisa said the policy document is what the country has been waiting for and that it will liberate people from economic manacles and shackles.

“Fellow Zimbabweans today is a great day, it’s a great day because we are launching what people have been waiting for.

“We are launching a great program that is going to liberate our country from the manacles and shackles of poverty, manacles and shackles of dictatorship, manacles and shackles of past politics, politics that is terror, politics that is of old ideas, politics of personalities ahead of institutions, politics that speaks to who is who in terms of individuals and not politics that speaks to what we want to become as a collective together as a people.

“So we are here appreciate that very momentous occasion as we launch our very important program blueprint as has already been articulated, our major theme is ‘behold the new’, it is behold the new because we represent the new, is there any doubt that as I speak to you I represent that fresh new.

“So we are very clear, ‘behold the new: change that delivers’, yes we have had all different sorts of change, Mr Mnangagwa who is my nemesis, opposite number will come to you and say I am also change because I am after Mugabe, but I am saying Mr Mnangagwa is change but not change, he is change but the change that represents a new phase of the old order. That is not the kind of change that Zimbabwe needs, that change is good for Zanu PF but not good for Zimbabwe, the change that is good for Zimbabwe is the change that is going to deliver for the people of Zimbabwe and that change is speaking to you right now,” he said.

Chamisa added that the country is facing tough challenges ever to be faced by humankind with high levels of joblessness, destruction of companies and factories absence of cash among others.

He said such challenges require tough leaders and “hence we are here to provide that tough leadership through the SMART program that we have that we are launching.

“A lot of you think we have just come here with what I would call a laundry list of wishes, we do not have that we are moving from politics of promises to politics of delivery, we are moving from politics of the past to the politics of the new, and this is why we are saying behold the new, accept new things, accept new ways,” he said.

Chamisa said the coming into power by MDC Alliance will be good news to the civil servants promising to deliver what they did during the time of the inclusive.

“We got into Inclusive Government when there was nothing, and Morgan Tsvangirai when he addressed at the inauguration rally there was not even a single cent for civil servants and he said that we are going to get a flat figure of $100 and people said he was giving empty promises but we were able to deliver that within days.

“This is the good news we have for civil servants, we want to do it again for you, what we did in the inclusive government we want to do it on our own now when we form the next government on the 1st of August,” he said.

MDC Alliance becomes the fourth political party out of the alleged 138 to officially launch its election manifesto, following in the footsteps of Zanu PF, MDC-T (Khupe) and People’s Rainbow Coalition.

MDC-T (Khupe) manifesto (BEST)

It, however, remains to be seen which manifesto will sell best to the electorate.

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