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Meet the Candidates| Mike Taka Mashonganyika| Aspiring Highfield East MP | Zanu PF

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Aspiring Zanu PF legislator for Highfield East Mike Taka Mashonganyika says he was to be in Parliament so that he can help craft laws that will see young people getting financial support to start their income generating enterprises.

Young people in Zimbabwe constitute the majority of the reported 90 per cent unemployment rate and are also not able to access loans from financing institution owing to lack of collateral and financial history.

Mashonganyika (48) a businessman with interests in retail, liquor, music and mining sectors believes most young people in various ghettos are even failing to access loans despite the fact that their parents own houses.

However, most of these houses do not yet have title deeds which are a necessity in borrowing money from banks.

“My main worry is the issue of title deeds for these city council houses which many young people’s parents own.

“These young people should be able to access funds from banks using the title deeds of their fathers’ houses as collateral,” he said.

The aspiring legislator is of the view that the rentals people have been paying for the houses now equates to the price of buying the same houses and therefore deserve title deeds and he wants to push legislation towards that area.

“People have been paying rentals for the city council houses for too long and the amount can buy a house, why denying people the title deeds thus my motive to be in public office so that I can be able to push this,” he said.

Mashonganyika has been doing door-to-door campaigns which he claims are necessary for building trust and confidence in the electorate.

The Parliamentary hopeful follows after his mother Idah Mashonganyika who is a former Zanu PF National Assembly representative and Senator, ironically her mother lost to Eric Murai in the 2013 general elections.

He was born and bred in Highfield and accuses the current legislator Eric Murai (MDC-T) of doing next to nothing in terms of bringing development to the constituency.

“Look at how Murai has superintended over this area, the roads are in a state of derelict and he has already lost touch with the people who voted him into public office,” he said.

The businessman says he has been doing a lot of philanthropic works in the area even before his bid to stand as the MP for the area.

“I have been helping this Highfield community a lot. I sank a borehole to alleviate water shortages, organised sports tournaments, beauty pageants and I am in the process of installing free WI-FI at 10 public spots.

“I have noticed that many prospective candidates get excited when they campaign promising people things which they can’t deliver so I would rather focus on what I think can be possible,” said Mashonganyika also known as Boss Taka by a legion of his followers.

Mashonganyika is a former Frank Johnson Primary and Prince Edward High School pupil but holds no professional qualification as he immediately ventured into business after completing his ordinary level.

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