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Chitungwiza blames Harare for cholera

By Philemon Jambaya

Chitungwiza’s director of health and environmental services Tonderai Kasu says he suspects that the cases of cholera reported in the town came from Harare.

About 14 suspected case of cholera have been reported in Chitungwiza with two of them being confirmed to be cholera.

In an interview, Kasu said while they are still investigating the sources of cholera in the town, they have however traced one case to Glenview in Harare.

“We traced one of the cases to be from Glenview but we need more time to investigate the real source of this epidemic also remember that the outbreak started in Harare and people from there are travelling all over and most probably spreading this epidemic,” he said

Kasu added that their cholera treatment camp has been receiving people with suspected cases of cholera from around the country.

“The thing here is that we are very switched on and people are now coming from all over, actually earlier today we received a patient from Masvingo seeking attention from our cholera treatment camp in St Marys,” he said.

Harare has so far recorded more than 1 300 suspected cases and 45 have been confirmed and the death toll is suspected to have risen to above 20.

In a statement, Chitungwiza Residents Trust called on the residents of the town to seek early treatment if they suspect that they have cholera.

“We encourage residents to seek early treatment if they suspect that they have cholera,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, Kasu has urged people to desist from buying food from undesignated sites and to also wash their hands before preparing meals.

“Residents should stop buying food from open spaces and if they suspect that they have the epidemic they should seek treatment early, we also encourage residents to wash their hands before preparing a meal and wash all vegetables and make sure they boil their meat,” he said.

The outbreak comes as most local authorities are struggling to provide clean water and collect garbage owing to financial challenges, raising fears of a repeat of the 2008 outbreak where cholera claimed over 4 500 lives countrywide.


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