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Mugabe is angel Gabriel …he will help God to usher people into heaven: Chipanga

By Daniel Chigundu
ZANU PF Youth League Chairperson Kudzai Chipanga says President Robert Mugabe is an angel that represents God on earth and that he shall help usher people into heaven.
Addressing party members at a youth rally in Marondera, Chipanga said only those that support Zanu PF are guaranteed of a place in heaven and will be approved by President Mugabe.
“In heaven is where there is God, here there is an angel Gabriel Mugabe, you represent God. People say I am trying to liken you to an angel but you are because you are an angel, you are called Gabriel.
“Don’t be surprised to see President Mugabe helping God to usher people into heaven, he will be approving people who will enter heaven.
“If President Mugabe is an angel, Amai Grace Mugabe you are the wife to an angel, so Amai Grace Mugabe you will approve women and I will approve youths.
“If you don’t support Zanu PF you will have problems going to heaven, your chances of going to heaven are very slim, but if you support Zanu PF then your chances of going to heaven are high because the President knows you and will approve you,” he said.
However, responding to a question on OpenParlyZW twitter handle on whether it is true that Zanu PF affiliation gives one a ticket to heaven, businessman and Pastor Shingi Munyeza said there was no such thing.
“The only way to heaven is through believing and accepting Jesus as the Lord and Saviour. John 3:16. Never by our works, imaginations or desires,” said Munyeza.
Brenda Dube said “this is blasphemy of the highest order, but it depends maybe on which heaven he was referring to because those guys live in their own world”
Tidz M replied saying “if heaven is being run by Zanu PF, then I would rather go to hell. My whole life I have lived under Zanu PF, I am not doing it again in the afterlife”
Prophet Cynic had this to say “I shall call heaven on my cellphone and confirm this allegation”
The Marondera rally is the first of a series of rallies that have been organised countrywide by the Zanu PF Youth League to afford the President an opportunity to meet with the youths ahead of the 2018 general elections.
Meanwhile, speaking at the same rally, President Mugabe paid tribute to the Zanu PF for their unwavering support they showed during the million-man-match.

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