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Tajamuka’s shutdown draw mixed feelings

By Daniel Chigundu
TAJAMUKA’S proposed “Total Zimbabwe Shutdown” scheduled for 20 to 25 June meant to protest President Robert Mugabe’s sentiments that there is no crisis is the country, has drawn mixed feelings from people.
According to Tajamuka, President Mugabe cannot say there is no crisis in the country when people are sleeping in queues trying to withdraw their money, are not getting clean water and when all roads have potholes.
The human rights advocacy group which has held several demonstrations since its formation says the week long protest will serve to show that the country is in a crisis.
Posting on his Facebook page, Promise Mkwananzi who is one the prominent faces in Tajamuka asked if Zimbabweans are ready for the next wave of protests.
Mkwananzi’s question drew mixed reactions from members of the public with others arguing that protests don’t work while others suggesting that there is need for engagement instead.
Tonderai Mudehwe: We don’t need protests we need progress…..stop protesting and start urging people to vote and vote ryt
Promise Mkwananzi: Let the people speak for themselves Boss
Maxwell Kadenge: No need for protests, engage!
Shandai Neshungu Mubudirire: Are you sure these protests will not confuse voters…
James Katso: Protests should be intensified together with other peaceful methods of civil disobedience to make it clear to the regime and the international community that it’s the business unusual.
Previous protests held by Tajamuka saw some unscrupulous people taking advantage to smash into various shops around the CBD and stole goods.
Speaking on his motion against violence, Buhera West legislator Oliver Mandipaka blamed the advent of MDC-T for all the violence that has taken place in the country since 1999.
Mandipaka also pinpointed Tajamuka as a trouble causer in the country.
In its statement Tajamuka has warned people against defying their call adding that it’s a risk they will regret.
“We are declaring 20 June 2017 as Total Shutdown .We kindly warn everyone to take this seriously .This is the greatest statement to the government that they must find solutions to the crisis.
“All shops must be closed, schools must be closed, don’t risk sending your children to school –it’s a risk you won’t like to take. Park all your kombis and no cars should be on our roads.
“All our boarders must be closed stay indoors for your safety. It’s best to be with your loved ones indoors. Stock your basic needs, buy your electricity tokens which last of Shutdown…,”read part of the statement.
It however remains to be seen if people heed the call, as such previous calls have yielded nothing and it was business as usual.

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