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Zanu PF making wrong moves …they simply must go: Musewe

By Daniel Chigundu
ECONOMIST Vince Musewe says the ruling party Zanu PF is making wrongs moves politically and economically which are continuing to deepen the country’s crisis.
Zimbabwe is going through its worst challenges since independence underpinned by the liquidity crunch, lack of foreign direct investment, massive company closures and high rates of unemployment among many others.
The liquidity crisis for example has seen people spending more time in bank queues opposed to production and at some banks people are actually sleeping in the queues.
Writing on his Facebook page, Musewe said Zimbabwe’s economy will remain a non viable proposition as long as Zanu PF stays in power because they don’t accept new thinking.
“The solutions for our economic revival must be rapid and radical. When thousands of our people still support a clearly non viable system under which they are suffering and are getting poorer by the day one begins to appreciate the extent of our problems.
“We cannot take half measures on the necessary changes required to put our country back on a growth trajectory. We cannot even consider taking away productive farms simply because white Zimbabweans own them. We cannot give properties for free and expect sustainability.
“Zanu PF is making all the wrong moves and deepening the crisis for political reasons. They simply must go and we cannot therefore entertain another fake election hoping things will work out and yet I hear many of us exaggerating the probability of change in 2018. That is a fallacy and false hope likely to disappoint,” he said.
Most Zimbabweans are however pinning their hopes on the impending 2018 general elections where an opposition coalition is expected to beat President Robert Mugabe who has led the country since its independence.
According to Musewe, economists have been putting out solutions continually but there is no appetite for learning or doing the right things in Zanu PF adding that economic viability can only come after its departure.
“When a system is non viable it atrophies and must be totally replaced by a new system underpinned by new thinking. I do not see that within Zanu PF and its leadership. Our country is being managed from one calamity to another with no respite,” Musewe said.
Since independence in 1980, Zimbabwe has had about 14 economic blue prints and other international organisations such as the African Development Bank have also done numerous studies on the economy and what needs to happen, but it appears that government is and has been unwilling to adopt any of them.

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