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Defeat in 2018 will be death of MDC: Gutu

By Tariro Senderayi
MDC-T national spokesperson Obert Gutu says losing the impending 2018 general elections will signal the death of the current opposition parties in the country.
2018 elections have been branded as the “do-or-die” for opposition parties in the country, especially MDC-T which has tried in vain about four times (2002, 2005, 2008 and 2013) to remove Zanu PF from government.
Opposition parties are contemplating a grand coalition which they think was the missing link needed to defeat President Robert Mugabe who has led the country since 1980.
Speaking at a Mass Public Opinion Institute panel discussion, Gutu said opposition defeat will disappoint a lot of people and might result in emergency of new parties.
“I am actually convinced that if we don’t make it in 2018 then we could actually see a complete death of the opposition movement as we see it. There would be the emergence of new forces, new faces and new parties.
“People would be so disappointed they would be so heartbroken that for opposition political parties that are here today would be the end of story,” he said.
Gutu also warned his fellow opposition party incumbents not to fix their hope of removing Zanu PF through the coalition as a stand-alone but insisted that the onus is on them inventing strategies that involve electoral reforms and an intense regional lobbying to for President Mugabe to allow for reforms.
The MDC-T spokesperson added that it is empirical for opposition parties to adopt a do or die stance and mould a strategy to win the election in 2018.
One its part, the Tsvangirai led MDC has vowed to engage and crowd source local and external means to democratically bring down the hugely consistent Zanu PF.

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