Mudenda disappointed by slow law reforms

By Daniel Chigundu
SPEAKER of National Assembly Jacob Mudenda says he is disappointed by the lack of seriousness by Members of Parliament (MPs) when it comes to reforming of laws.
The delays in reforming laws have seen the country continue using laws that were made during the colonial era, some of which are not cognisant of the prevailing situation.
Addressing MPs and delegates during a capacity building workshop recently, Mudenda said law reform is vital otherwise the country will end up with mismatch development programs.
“On law reforms there is the Public Health Act of 1924, we are in 2017 and that was passed by the first Parliament’s Legislative Council in 1924, now here we are ourselves after independence 37 years, we have not looked into that Act.
“Why should it take 37 years for nothing at all, that is our role as Parliament, what am I talking about here, I am talking about the serious attention to law reform by us in Parliament, in our Parliamentary committees.
“It is vital otherwise we shall have a mismatch of developmental programs that don’t attune to the law and each law that deals with development will be seen to be primitive of development programs.
“It is our responsibility it is for Honourable MPs to look into that as a matter of urgency,” he said.
Parliament has passed laws which are critical for economic development and such laws included the Special Economic Zones Act, the Joint Ventures Act and the Arbitration (International Investment Disputes) Acts among others.
While the Appropriation Bill, Movable Property Security Interest Bill and the Reserve Bank Amendment Bill are at various stages of being passed.
However most of the laws that have been passed by Parliament are still hanging and awaiting implementation-

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