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Saruwaka petitions Minister Gumbo over Mutasa Central roads

By Staff Reporter
MUTASA Central legislator Trevor Saruwaka has petitioned Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joram Gumbo over the poor state of roads in his constituency.
In the petition, Saruwaka says roads in his constituency have been neglected for a long time and deteriorated to an extent of becoming impassable.
“The worst affected roads are Jombe (Bvuma-Mbito-Shamu-Watsomba), Sherukuru (Watsomba-Gandanzara) and Bonda (Nhodo Section). The terrible condition of roads has increased vehicle breakdowns resulting in high maintenance costs. Transporters charge exorbitant fares and higher fees to mitigate their losses. Patients to Dada and Bonda Hospitals go through hell on their way to and fro these critical health facilities,” reads the part of the petition.
Mutasa District economy is agro-based, villagers practice semi-commercial agriculture and they would want to move goods to from but the poor state of the road is making it difficult.
“Movement of agricultural produce, fruits, goods and people on these roads is now a real nightmare. The community is thus pleading for your intervention as the Minister responsible for the country’s road infrastructure,” added the petition.
Minister Gumbo is currently out of the country and his response was however not immediately available.
Most of the country’s urban and rural roads have become non-trafficable; this has also been worsened by heavy rains received during the past rainy season.
In March this year Minister Gumbo was quoted saying that the country needs up to US$100 million to carry out the emergency repairs, however the Ministry of Finance had only managed to raise US$14.5 million required.
The funds for the road repair program are being disbursed through to road authorities such as Department of Roads, Urban Councils, District Development Fund (DDF) and Rural District Councils (RDCs).

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