Stop politicizing public posts – Mafume

By Buhle Tshavango.
The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on the ruling party to desist from politicising critical positions that require independence saying this has caused loss of faith in strategic departments by the Zimbabwean people.
In a statement released yesterday, party spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume said in light of the recent vacancy of Prosecutor General created by the axing of Johannes Tomana the ruling party should take this as a chance to correct previous blunders as Tomana directed much of his efforts in a narrow partisan agenda other than focus on the core duties of his office as outlined in Section 259 of the supreme law.
“ZANUPF has in the past politicised positions that are supposed to be independent of the executive. These include the Judiciary, Independent Commission and the Civil Service which in black and white is highlighted by the constitution that the Civil Service must be manned by people whose conduct does not depict partisanship”, he said.
Mafume further quoted section 200 of the constitution on conduct of the members of civil service which states that no member of the Civil Service may obey an order that is manifestly illegal and that no member of the Civil Service may, in the exercise of their functions Act in a partisan manner; further the interests of any political party or cause; prejudice the lawful interests of any political party or cause.
“We are also aware of the fact that ZANUPF prevents people from knowing their rights therefore many Zimbabweans would not even know they have a right to initiate a private prosecution.
“All the technical debates and discussions could be avoided had Tomana just done his job and stayed away from politics.
“We, therefore, urge ZANUPF to allow the office of the Prosecutor General to open a new chapter of competence, integrity and independence”, said Mafume
Former Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana was recently relieved of his job following his suspension in March last year on allegations of incompetence and misconduct. Meanwhile, there is a jostle to fill up his position with various candidates being lined up.

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