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Mugabe not fit to lecture us …he should just step down: Mafume

By Daniel Chigundu
PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson Jacob Mafume says President Robert Mugabe is too old to lecture anything about opposition coalition, but should instead step down.
Mugabe told youths in Mutare that he was glad that opposition parties are uniting, adding that it will make it easier to defeat them.
However in statement Mafume said the President should step down as he is leading a country that has a governance crisis and broken down social contract
“At the present moment Mugabe is presiding over a country with an economy on its knees, a governance crisis which is synonymous to mafia kind of style, a style which reveres corruption as its hallmark.
“He presides over a divided country with so much hatred and hate speech just like Rwanda before the genocide, our local newspapers are reflective of this fact, his criticism of opposition unity is therefore not a surprise.
“He presides over a country with a broken down social contract and moral fabrics in intensive care. It is a country where the citizen hates the site of a police officer. We therefore want to, mention that Mugabe is morally, ethically and cognitively ill, he cannot lecture anyone including his grandchildren.
“Not to mention that age has taken its toll on him, he reads wrong speeches, sleeps at international platforms, falls from airport red carpets; he even confesses he falls a lot at home. Just yesterday he referred to Minister Mandiwanzira as President Mandiwanzira and then laughed as if he was in some Trevor Noah show.Mugabe-sleeping
“Surely the democratic contingent does not need advice from him we instead advise him to step down and let Zimbabwe open a new chapter into the origination of a transformational democratic developmental state,” he said.
Mafume added that “Mugabe’s best achievements was just changing the National Anthem twice and hoisting the national flag replacing the Union Jack and the rest is darkness, adding that since darkness is not a subject of success there is no success in Mugabe’s long painful tenure”.

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