4 Moments That Stood Out In The ZiFM Interview With Fadzayi Mahere

By Tariro D. Senderayi 
Fadzayi Mahere has thrown her hat in the ring, rolled her sleeves to do the dirty work for her constituency Mount Pleasant. There has been an array of mixed feelings towards her stepping up. The advocate’s intention to run as Member of Parliament in the next election has been nothing short of controversial. Here are some of the interesting things she on her ZiFM interview on 3 July 2017
Qn: You come across as being elitist how do you plan on connecting with the ordinary person?
(This was in light of the infamous 2014 Facebook post she made)
Post was directed at my peers and friends.  Look at the use of quotation marks in that post. They are there for a reason and I believe Zimbabweans are very clever people. All that post is doing is if you want something to change step out and be the change. Read the post calmly, slowly and without and preconceived notions.
Qn: Why people should trust you since your father is in ZANU PF?
You cannot tie a person’s political consciousness to their parent my dad will have his own political view which I respect and he is entitled to and if you want to find out more about you can ask him. I am entitled to my own There are a lot of things that my dad is that I am not. He’s a mathematician doesn’t mean I am a mathematician as well. We need to run away from this very lazy analysis where we say the dad was this so therefore she must be that. I think we need to get the facts straight to say my father was a top ZANU PF politician as if he ran for some elected office is simply not true. He never ran for elected office so people must put things in perspective.
There’s no running away from the fact that one of the easiest ways to discredit a political voice in Zimbabwe is by labelling them ZANU PF. I have categorically said I am not ZANU PF, my record shows that I am not ZANU PF. People won’t talk about the fact that I have represented several commercial farmers and they won’t talk about a lot of the very public statements I have made against the government and that I have challenged government policy at every turn.
Qn: What do you want for Zimbabwe and where is the snag?
We want Zimbabwe to work for entire cross section of young people, Government is certainly not doing enough, ZANU PF is not doing enough to be inclusive in as far as involving the young people and everyone is concerned. We can’t run away from the fact that Zimbabwe is rolling back. If you speak to a 5 year old they have never seen a train before. He or she is told about a train from their grandmother. How is it that trains ran beautifully in the 60’s and here we are in 2017 and we do not have a functioning railway system. Zimbabwe definitely needs regeneration. One of the reasons why I have made my bid to run for parliament in 2018 is this false notion that every time a young person sticks his or her neck out puts their hand up they have to be a running dog for someone else as if we don’t have a mind and conscience of our own to look at the situation and make an assessment and say this isn’t right.
Qn: How effective do you think you will be in an environment where you do not control the purse strings and are in the opposition and do not have the backing to support you in getting things done?
Anyone who says parliamentarians do not have power has a very restricted understanding of the roles and functions of parliament. So I think a lot of lay people restrict or confine their understanding of what parliamentarians can do or should do to the formal law making process. There is a wide array of activity that parliamentarians can and should be doing. There are portfolio committee meetings and question time, all these forum were parliamentarians can hold their public officials to account. You have to ask the hard questions in your community. The MP has to be seen on the ground pushing the councillor to get things done. 

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