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Is Mahere's Yellow Manifesto strategy attainable?

By Buhle Tshavango
DESPITE receiving an onslaught of criticism since announcing her intentions to stand as an independent candidate for the Mount Pleasant National Assembly seat, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere seems undeterred in her quest as she has proceeded to present a manifesto as part of her campaign strategy.
The 21 paged manifesto dubbed,” Mt.Pleasant Constituency Yellow Manifesto “, outlines her campaign strategy and highlights the changes she wishes to make to the constituency in five years in the event that she is elected to office.
Advocate Mahere reiterates in her manifesto that hers is not a political party but rather a voice speaking out the challenges being faced by ordinary citizens.
“This is no ordinary manifesto. We are not a political party. We are the people’s voice independently speaking out to become the change we wish to see in our constituency. We are independent of party affiliation, party politics and party squabbles. We are every individual who is fed up with the status quo, rising to be counted.” it reads.
As part of her pre-election drive, Advocate Mahere plans to embark on a voter education and registration exercise educating residents on voter registration and simplify the voting process .She promises to provide a team of legal volunteers to sign proof of residence affidavits if needed as well as provide information on the voting process.
Her campaign is said to be hinged on three pillars which are Hope, Accountability and Development and she hopes to build on these pillars once elected into offices by introducing vast changes in the Mount Pleasant Constituency in terms of service delivery, education as well as recreational activities.
While most of her targeted future projects sound noble and doable ,the question still remain on whether she will be able to take the reins away from current Zanu PF legislator Jason Passade or merely dilute the vote as most are still sceptic of her Zanu-PF links through her father.
In the event that she wins, Mahere inherits problems like a high rise in thefts in the constituency, over priced accommodation issues owing to the presence of out of resident UZ students, poor lighting among other service delivery issues.
With the advantage of having a generally well-up audience in Mount Pleasant likely to agree with most of her plans in her manifesto and a barrage of critics on the other side Mahere’s fate rests with the voters.

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