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In Zhombe, residents rarely see their MP Hon. Daniel Mackenzie Ncube

Watmore Makokoba
As the political pot gets hot each day towards the land mark 2018 elections, the rural electorate, often times not given a voice, have raised concerns about betrayal and neglect they have endured over the years under selfish misleading politicians.  
Zhombe, one of the areas under Midlands province still under the yoke of under development even though people have been religiously voting into power same legislators mainly from the ruling Zanu Pf party.
Villagers in Zhombe are blaming the councilors and legislators for the underdevelopment of the area and accuse the elected leaders of betraying the people who have been faithfully voting them into office.
Philemon Chengeya, who lives in Ward 6 under Chief Samambwa said he is not sure if the people they vote into power are concerned about the development of the area, as it still lags behind in terms of development, adding that they rarely see their current MP from the time they voted him into the office.
“Since we voted for our MPs in this area, we rarely see them here and when they happen to come out of the blue, they don’t give an ear to our concerns, what they do is park their luxurious cars briefly and leave,” said Chengeya.
Grace Mukwena, an elderly woman aged 62 from the same area said women in this area have been forced to bear the brunt of poverty and are living with a thorn in the flesh as they see young girls opting for married as the future gets gloomy.
“There are no income generation projects for the youths and let alone for young women, our councillors here are not people centred, what they want is just our votes and afterward they relax,
Women are living a difficult life here, people travel for many kilometers to access maternity services and it’s even worse when they get there, there is no electricity food and the ablution services are deplorable,
“This time we are looking at them and anxious to hear what they want to promise us. We are now wiser and they cannot take us for a ride anymore”
There is a clinic in Ward 6, but it has no proper maternity facility and pregnant women have to travel more than 30 kilometers to the nearest maternity clinic at Impress Mine.
Misheck Muradzikwa, who stays in ward 4 laments the lack of democracy in the process of selecting candidates for the Zanu Pf party, he said it’s long since primary elections were held in the area and the current councilors and Chairman of the party have been holding their positions for more than ten years now.
“Why there are no primary elections in this area, all leaders are imposed on us, if we had the chance we would have removed these people already,
About the coming elections, Muradzikwa said he is keeping his vote a secret, but assured that he is not going to vote blindly as they used to do in the past.
“My vote is my secret, but I want to assure you that mistakes belong to the past, like what they say in a Shona idiom, Chakatanga ndochakachenjedza,” he said.
Amos Musengeni from Nhenhemoyo village said as a young person who has never been employed since finishing his academic education even though he came out with flying colors, the 2018 elections were about shaping his future.
“I have never voted in the past, but this time my vote is not about securing a job for a selfish councilor or MP, but it’s all about contributing to my future,
“As a young person living in rural areas and surviving on gold panning, I know that that’s not the life that I want and I have to do something and the right opportunity is the upcoming 2018 elections.
Member of Parliament for the area is Hon Daniel Mackenzie Ncube and Ward Councilor Earnest Madharani could all not be reached for comment as their mobile phones were not available.
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