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2018 elections: Three things Dr. Manyika wishes to change if elected

A presidential aspirant for the 2018 elections, Dr Noah Manyika, says his party, Build Alliance Zimbabwe (BAZ)  was not against joining forces with other political parties but wants to join a “winning” coalition.
Speaking at the #MeettheYouthies meeting at MotoRepublic, Manyika said there was nothing special about joining a “grand coalition” that was doomed and lacking in vision.
“I think it is important for opposition parties to come together and form a winning coalition there is nothing wrong with that, but we really have to make sure that it is the right coalition which will be able to win elections. We can’t talk about a grand coalition which after 2018 elections will be non-existent no we can’t,” he said.
Manyika said BAZ was open to anyone who wants to join it and is in the process of identifying leaders in different constituencies and is not worried about the time frame before elections are held.
“We are a different party and our party structures are different from Zanu PF and MDC we are not going to be selling membership cards so everyone can be a member of our party but we are still in a process of identifying competent and capable individuals in different constituencies to represent us,” he added.
Below are the key issues that Manyika wish to address in the first 100 days if elected to office.
Cutting down the number of Cabinet Ministers to 14: Currently, Zimbabwe has 41 ministers (including the immaterial Minister of State portfolios) and 20 Deputy Minister. Manyika argues that Zimbabwe has neither a functional economy nor a large tax base to sustain a big cabinet. He said there was no need to appoint too many ministers who are incompetent and once elected to power he would make sure it addresses leadership crisis that Zimbabwe currently has.
Resuscitating provincial economies: Manyika said Zimbabwe was a sleeping giant and needed to resuscitate provincial economies. He promised to resuscitate Bulawayo industries and bring it back to its former glory days. He said the performance of the currency was based solely on the economy hence the need to resuscitate the economy.
Employment creation: the presidential aspirant said most people were robbed of their youth working extra hard to make ends meet and it was high time Zimbabwe lure investors to partner young people on various projects and develop the property rights so that their ideas are not stolen.

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