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Why MDC-T MPs are against coalition

By Daniel Chigundu
MORGAN TSVANGIRAI has revealed that some selfish MDC-T legislators are against coalition because they are afraid their seats might be allocated to alliance partners.
MDC-T formed an alliance with such opposition parties as MDC-N, PDP, Zanu Ndonga, Transform Zimbabwe, Multi Christian Democratic Party and Zim People First ahead of 2018 elections.
Under the alliance agreement, the other parties agreed to support Tsvangirai’s candidature for president while they get an allocation of selected Parliamentary and council seats.

“When we talked about the alliance, some people said we don’t need it we have many supporters as MDC-T, but I said if we failed to remove Mugabe then we don’t have many supporters.
“They were saying we will lose our seats, but I said to them we need to look at the bigger picture, because your seat will not help the people of Zimbabwe, so we need to work with others,” he said.
Speaking in an interview, MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora said while the allocation of seats is still being finalised, the agreement is that his party will, however, get majority owing to its huge support.
“What is left with the negotiators is the adjustment of the issue of allocation of seats in various areas but as far as MDC-T family is concerned it is united on the coalition.
“…distribution was on the basis of support of the political parties and that is why you will see the MDC-T has the majority of the seats, things are still being discussed I don’t want to give a figure yet but MDC-T has the majority of seats.
“…We looked at equity as opposed to equality we are clear that we are equalizing the unequal and we are so happy that our coalition partners have understood that principle,” he said.
Mwonzora said the most important thing was to agree on the leader of the alliance, the presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai. He also revealed that political parties are going to retain their structures outside the alliance.
“You must appreciate that the alliance is not a new political party, so we will not have political party structures, the political parties will retain their structures, but we do have certain organs where we meet as an alliance so we are quite excited.
“With regards to NPP, we are hopeful that they will come and join others as you know that the very first party that MDC-T signed a MOU with was the NPP, so we are sure that they will join,” he said.

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