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Will MDC Alliance stand united till 2018?

By Nkanyiso Ncube
MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu has said the MDC Alliance was work in progress and the challenges there are currently facing are normal.
Writing on his Twitter account, Gutu said tolerance was key and there was no need for people to insult the MDC Alliance as it was a giant step in the right direction.
“We’re not saying MDC Alliance doesn’t have any challenges. It’s work in progress. We will refine and fine tune. I know some people will insult us and even loathe us because of MDC Alliance but we have to soldier on. Tolerance is key”.
Gutu’s remarks come just after MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe snubbed the MDC Alliance launch held at White City Stadium in Bulawayo over the weekend accusing party leadership of being violent and dictatorial.
The MDC Alliance launched early August, was celebrated in some sections of the opposition as headway towards forming a “strong” challenge to the ruling Zanu-PF party ahead of the 2018 elections.
Below are issues that Gutu said MDC Alliance needed to be addressed before 2018 elections
Unity: MDC Alliance is meant to strengthen the opposition movement in Zimbabwe and thus, confront the Zanu PF dictatorship as a strong unit. In politics, we don’t necessarily have to be friends in order for us to work together. Let’s look at the bigger picture.
Funding: MDC Alliance should now vigorously push for electoral reforms & reach out to be people in rural areas. Funding is critical. Effective modern political campaigns are financially well – oiled. It’s not a mercenary attitude to say we need funding. It is the time that we Zimbabweans dig into our pockets to fund the change we want to see instead of seeding with prophets and pastors.
Effective campaign: Vehicles are not needed to pamper opposition leaders but to reach out to every corner of Zimbabwe’s 1958 wards. This isn’t an extravagance. We’re not trying to outdo Zanu PF’s extravagance. We’re simply stating that vehicles are crucial in reaching out to the 1958 wards in Zim. No effective campaign can be rolled out without reaching out to all the 1958 wards in Zimbabwe hence the need for vehicles. Don’t get me wrong when we say that we need plenty vehicles. An effective campaign entails physically getting to all Zimbabwe’s 1958 wards.

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1 thought on “Will MDC Alliance stand united till 2018?”

  1. I think it is normal for any institution to face such challenges especially when planning to coalesce or even merge with another institution.
    In terms of the MDC Alliance what surprise me is that there has always been talk of tribalism for too long especially pertaining the Ndebeles and the Shonas but in this case it seems Thokozani Khupe is against her party’s stance to join forces with Welshman Ncube,a Ndebele like her and instead favour the multi-shona approach because she thinks that is the area her party has been lacking.
    Above all Khupe cannot be dismissed as arrogant or greedy because that’s is her right and she has a genuine case,but the problem is that a few will listen to her grievances and she risks being dumped into the political dustbin or rabble site.

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