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Why respite may come from the oppressor

 By Wisdom Mumera
News that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has filed a US$3 million defamation lawsuit against Professor Jonathan Moyo has heightened the likelihood that any kind of political and economic respite Zimbabwe may experience in 2018 may have a strong Zanu PF hand.
The frictions in the party are reaching the kind of heights and type of tussles from which something has to break enough for era-changing political resolutions.
We have already gotten hints from some media reports revealing that Mnangagwa reached an agreement with MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai or something to that effect.
The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has also stated its aim to de-campaign President Robert Mugabe and even support the opposition.
Though some of these issues are lacking in hard facts and strategized direction they are clear indications that political demarcations have moved and are no longer situated where we might have thought.
For example, it’s clear moral and strategic compunction aside, Mnangagwa left to his whims won’t accommodate Grace Mugabe and vice-versa. It’s plain also that Prof Moyo, one of the architects of the 2013 elections win, has moved beyond regarding Mnangagwa as an ally. Neither does the army consider Moyo a friend too.
The Center Holds Still
What remains is a centre, Mugabe, holding disparate debris, factions, together but with age not on its side, logic decrees that everything has to tear away into various forms or at least a mess has to ensure in the immediate aftermath with enough vacuums for new political players and unions.
Mugabe for whatever reason, apparent or cloaked in the shady habits of his reign, remains the sole reason Zanu PF is still a compact unit. He has kept the agitated parts together, consciously or unconsciously is a matter of conjecture, since they are many moving parts to pin down any one strategy of his.
Thus as long as he remains in power the task for the opposition to usurp him and the party remains as daunting as ever due to his array of habits, skills and moves, ethical and not-so-ethical.
The magical elixir about Mugabe remains to be time, time as a healing force, time as a corroding power, time as a consuming energy, and time as an enlightening light.
However, at the age of 93, time is becoming only one thing and that provides room for the convulsions that may give birth to respite from a seemingly wrong address.
A Party in Tatters Gives Birth to a Whole Zimbabwe
A fighting Zanu PF may be the best gift the party has gifted the nation in a long time after bungling the land redistribution program, the indigenisation drive and just about every opportunity for stamping its Pan Africanist credentials.
The last time they were convulsions in the party during elections the opposition won. The same could be in the making next year.
They are already whispers of another “Bhora Musango” operation and that bodes well for the opposition parties. They may glean more voters from the disgruntled bunch.
On another level, the fighting in Zanu PF takes away some of the attention from the sorry rag-tag that is in opposition politics in Zimbabwe today.
Tsvangirai is sick; Nelson Chamisa is accused of seeking to usurp Tsvangirai whilst Thokozani Khupe like Oliver Twist is asking for more.

Tendai Biti has been fired from his own party, whilst Jacob Mafume refutes and says he is there, it’s actually tribalist golden boy Gordon Moyo who should be out.
Meanwhile, Joice Mujuru is in the shadows refusing the progress of a coalition just because its name doesn’t sound right for her ears!
That leaves Zanu PF as the viable opening from which a fractured part of its fighting force can come away and become something that may provide respite for the nation.
Any product of Zanu PF may not give the nation the ultimate solution but we are a long way from a real solution we only need some respite.
Even a fake democrat, sugar-coated with granules of progressivism and shunning the mafia-like partisanship and corruption of the current government will do.
What we don’t need for the next five years is more of the same.

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