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The acclimatised frogs we have become: a case for 2018 elections

By Wisdom Mumera
Zimbabwe has been in a crisis mode for so long that a large part of the population no longer pants for normalcy and worse they no longer realise the abnormality of the current situation.
Like the fabled frog placed in cold water heated up to a boiling point, we have become inured to the heat and acclimatized to the madness of faded heroes with nothing new to offer.
If ever they were a country with the perfect context for a wholesome political change, Zimbabwe has that and much more.
We have no currency of our own but have a central bank and as the Kenyan lawyer, Lumumba would say, we have no functional industry; all reduced to grass, rust and picturesque sights of a dead glory.
We have a ruling political party of midget man with no ambition going beyond feeding their clans, stealing the few crumbs we still have and goading each other in factional frictions of no consequential value to the nation.
(The level and type of ructions provide the perfect anti-climactic ending to the sorry demise of the heroes they once were. The once mighty and glorious back-biting each other in the sludgy pool of their execratory produce.)
Zimbabwe has a history showing that it can be a great nation and a present steeped in some much mediocrity it’s staggering thinking that we were once called the breadbasket of Africa.
We are saddled with the baggage of a political leadership paranoid to alarming levels and hell-bent on plowing us to our national demise that our acts of normalcy stand out as the fake coldness of a son-in-law for somewhere in us a heat has got be burning.
National funds and resources are being stolen left right and centre, with the news coming out but still, we stand forlornly, cosmetically sheathing ourselves with I-don’t-care attitudes expected of aliens on a visitation to this country than its owners.
However many are busy creating false cocoons of political non-alignment and aloofness in preparation for the 2018 elections so that they won’t go and vote. To them politics is the business of fools and they are above such stupidity.
Ostensibly, they have better things to do with their time.
For lack of a better word, it’s staggering again, to listen to the kind of vain arguments proffered by those who believe in their existance as being parallel to politics.
Zimbabwe is a political creation and every subject in it, on a certain level, is very much a political issue and subject. We are all political in as much as we are spiritual on other levels.
Non-belief doesn’t annul the factuality of a point.
There has been noise over certain religious men who have been dabbling in politics such as Pastor Evan Mawarire and Phillip Mugadza. Resultantly some have accused them of not being true man of God.
How that conclusion is reached is a sheer abuse of logic as the derivative meaning will be that all those involved in politics should also not be involved in religious issues.
Politics is about man reining and religion is about God reining.
That doesn’t make the two mutually exclusive since each occupies its own space. The call that religion should stay away from politics is a sheer vacuum equal to the colonial lies that the black man should not worry about getting rich as that would happen in heaven.
The man of God has as much a task in politics as the man of politics has an obligation to observe religious needs. Hiding behind the veil of the vestry or pushing one behind such, is either, for the former, the coldness of the agitated that has resulted in Zimbabwe reaching this nadir, or for the latter, the frenetic business of the zealot. None makes sense or bears progress.
Voting is not a sacrilegious act befitting the hedonistic neither is it the pastime of fools with nothing to do. Voting is a right bestowed upon all man to exercise by the God-given evolution that has seen us moving from the lone Adam mandated to watch over his wife down through time until the global-now.
As 2018 draws near with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission having opened up registration centers the onus is on all Zimbabweans to register. No one possesses a valid reason not to take part in the political process.
The country has reached the kind of level where the acclimatisation we have undergone should expire and we feel something.
Ultimately the acclimatised frog will die due to the heat. It’s a matter of time and the time is now to stop that demise.

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