Somalia terror attack: the day media looked away

By Watmore Makokoba
The lethal attacks which killed about 300 people, while leaving many injured this week, could be the worst attack in the history of Somalia and has however raised a few questions both for Africa and the international world.
For instance, while the Somalia attack has claimed more lives, it has however received little coverage from the so-called international media compared to the shootings in Texas and France and even the Manchester bombing, raising questions over the impartiality of media.
It is not a secret that the international media has a tendency of making international exhibitions over minor attacks that happens elsewhere and has a tradition of ignoring the same when it happens in Africa and there is no doubt that it has let down the people of Somalia.
The sad thing about this is that these media organisations have become accepted as the media of the world owing to their unending streams of resources that enable them to go everywhere and anywhere and also to broadcast to everywhere and anywhere.
However, this could be a wake-up call for Africa that it is now high time that the continent opens up it’s own media house that would go a long way in telling the African story.
The other question from the Somalia attack is that will there be a guarantee for peace in Africa if other people from nations on this continent like Somalia are still living in fear and uncertainty and yet African leaders are caught pants down concentrating on trivial politics and self-aggrandizement.
What is the root cause for this inhumane brutality and how can these terror attacks become more severe by each day and how can this be curbed before the whole of Africa turns to doldrums of desolation?
This leaves the African Union with an egg on their faces and unfortunately portrays the organization as nothing less than a white elephant organization that seems to be failing to bridge peace through harmonizing politics, religion and resources distribution.
Below are a few tweets of people who expressed their rage on under coverage of the attack by the media:
Independent Voices: Why is the press reporting on Hurricane Ophelia but not the worst ever terrorist attack in Somalia?
P.‏ @perrykey: Is the Eiffel Tower even going to turn off the lights for the terrorist attack in Somalia or is it just when things happen in Europe or US
erma lubenworth‏ : Hardly any coverage of the Somalia terrorist attack, because those affected, are Muslims & black.
May Allah give them patience.
Terence G‏ @TG610 : The world shut down when #Paris had the terrorist attack! Can’t believe the world is silent on #Somalia bombing that killed over 200 people! Wow
In September this year, chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL) Man Hee Lee, told delegates during the 3rd Annual World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit Commemoration that it is possible to end war and terror in the world if political, religious and civic society leaders unite for peace building.
“The cessation of war and peace will be achieved. The reason this will definitely happen is that all people hate war and want peace,
“This was evidenced by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by political, religious, and civil society leaders  made a pledge with heaven and earth and all global citizens as their witnesses—a pledge to work for an international legal instrument for peace and cessation of war and to establish religious harmony,
“To fulfil this pledge, the HWPL International Law Peace Committee drafted the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), which has been sent to heads of state, and religious leaders are currently working on a comparative study of religious scriptures called the Dialogue of Scriptures at WARP Offices,” he said.

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