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Opposition coalition: UK branches fail to agree

By Wisdom Mumera
The United Kingdom based branches of the various Zimbabwean political parties have failed to agree on the best way forward for the country demonstrating the same divisions hindering the creation of a single opposition coalition back home.
The parties that met on Sunday for discussions in Leicester include the Tendai Biti led People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dumiso Dabengwa’s ZAPU and Dr Noah Manyika’s Build Zimbabwe Alliance.
The MDC-T branch, however, failed to attend the meeting which was organised by a civic organisation called Zimbabwe Association (ZA), in an effort to spur cooperation between the parties ahead of the impending 2018 general elections.
The opposition parties unilaterally agreed that Zanu PF is to blame for the current economic and political situation in the country, with PDP UK chairman Robert Kunaira adding that his party was concerned about the status quo in the country.
“We are concerned by the ruling party’s (Zanu PF) toxic brand of governance which is one of the major impediments to the attainment of our prosperity,” he said.
Arthur Molife who was representing Zapu concurred with Kunaira citing the example of Zanu PF’s role in the destructive Gukurahundi and its entrenched negativity.
“It has caused the destruction of industries with selfishness forgetting we all fought for Zimbabwe. When you talk about Zanu PF we are talking about tribalism and nepotism”
“This kind of situation (Gukurahundi) must be talked about so that we can fix the foundation first. We can’t fix Zimbabwe from the top when the foundation of the country has not been fixed first,” he added.
Build Zimbabwe Alliance representative Todd Maforimbo said his party mainly concerned with building Zimbabwe again, adding that it has projects to that effect happening underground.
“We have projects in Zimbabwe such as Nhaka Foundation and we are also working with prisons since many activists are being arrested in the country,” Maforimbo said.
Despite seeking ways of forming an effective alliance for the 2018 elections, all the parties still maintain that each of them has a great chance of winning the elections.
Currently, there are about three opposition coalitions namely MDC Alliance, Coalition of Democrats (CODE) and Rainbow Coalition that have been formed with a view to luring opposition parties under one umbrella.
Constitutionally, 2018 elections are supposed to be held between July and August, but some political commentators are of the view that there is a possibility of an early election.

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