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WCoZ scale-up young women voters for 2018

By Buhle Tshavango
The Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) has embarked on a drive to encourage more females to register for the 2018 general elections through its Young Women’s Forum (YWF).
According to the Forum (YWF), a sloppy language in messaging would encourage and make voter registration appealing to young people.
WCoZ is currently running an online campaign where young people who would have registered to in the ongoing biometric voter registration exercise are encouraged to share their experiences for the benefit of others.
The responses garnered so far from the online campaign have shown a remarkable number of first-time voters sharing their experiences.
Some of the issues raised by these first time voters include the topical proof of residence which they say is causing delays in registering.
In response, WCoZ has highlighted various documents that can be used as proof of residences by prospective voters.
WCoZ has been making community visits to help tackle issues being faced by young women living with disabilities in their effort of trying to “leave no woman behind” in registering to vote.
“The issue of proof of residence and opening times was highlighted. The forum emphasized the need to simplify requirements for youths so that more youths participate.
“Young women living with disabilities including the blind and the deaf should not be left out, hence messages in sign language and in Braille should be generated,” said WCoZ.
Women’s participation in the upcoming elections has been up-scaled by campaigns from different organisations with such Hashtags on social media as #Youngwomenvotes2018, #Shevotes2018 and video messages (https://www.facebook.com/theWCoZ/videos/1695190037179386/) have been created to this effect.

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