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Youthful aspiring MPs colour their campaigns

By Own Correspondent.
A new trend has emerged amongst the rising breed of youthful female political aspirants who are using colour codes to mark their different campaigns.
The 2018 general election has seen a lot of young women stepping up to offer their candidacy as agents of change in the usually male-dominated political sphere.
More than ever young women appear to have been aroused from their pronounced political slumber to exercise their long given constitutional rights to register and vote in the country’s elections.
Well-known political activist Linda Masarira who declared her intentions to stand for the Harare Central Parliamentary seat has been championing her purple campaign dubbed “Together we can” which she has taken to the radio and communities.
Unlike other new female aspiring candidates, Masarira (independent) who is challenging MDC-T’s Murisi Zwizwai knows a bit about the political environment thanks to her participation in various activities including demonstrations where she has encountered police brutality along the way.
Masarira was arrested in July 2016 which probably marks her down moments as she was assaulted and incarcerated for 87 days in the notorious FB2 male-confinement at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.
Just a year after her release, Masarira announced her intentions to stand as a legislator and her purple campaign which is also known as #teamjacaranda is currently recruiting volunteers ahead of 2018 elections.
Following in Masarira’s footsteps, lawyer-cum politician Fadzayi Mahere also made her interest for the Mount Pleasant Parliament seat public by announcing her intentions to stand as an independent candidate.
Mahere steps up with her #Teamyellow adding to the package a yellow manifesto highlighting intentions for her prospective constituency.
Together with her team yellow, she has embarked on various voter registration campaigns. https://openparly.co.zw/2017/11/08/mahere-ups-her-game-for-mount-pleasant-seat/
Making it to the team of youthful independent candidates is Linda Sibanyoni who is aiming for Harare East seat currently occupied by Terence Mukupe.
Sibanyoni aged 30 is leading #Teamgreen and have upped her green campaign with a manifesto which she hopes to use bring solutions to problems in her prospective constituency.
The youthful Sibanyoni has been engaging with residents as part of her Tirikuchimhanya campaign drive to which she has dubbed herself #mpwevanhu (MP of the people).
“I sat in both the Coalition of Democrats (CODE) Secretary Generals weekly meetings and as well as ZiNera weekly meetings. These platforms resulted in me having relative engagement and audience with the more established and well known and seasoned opposition political players in Zimbabwe,” she said.
Another interesting youthful independent candidate is Vimbai Musvaburi who is challenging MDC-T’s Eddie Cross for the Bulawayo South seat with her blue-campaign and hopes to restore the city’s former glory.
While it might seem like a concerted effort by these young ladies to drive their campaigns using colour coding, Linda Masarira said it is more of a coincidence than anything.
“…it’s just coincidence. For me, I chose the colour purple because firstly it’s my favourite colour…
“Purple is also a revolutionary colour and defines the streets of Harare with our favourite beautiful Jacaranda trees hence I chose the colour purple for my campaign. Colour tags are important for any campaign and branding.
“Even political parties have colours that they use and that relate to their identity. It is critically important to have an identity especially as an independent candidate,” she said.
Sibanyoni, on the other hand, says her campaign is not named after colour like her colleagues adding that her team is called Tiri Kuchimhanya.
“My campaign team is known as Team Tiri Kuchimhanya. In as much as other candidates have chosen to name their campaign teams after the colours they use, in my case it is not so.
“…I guess what has been there is a mutual respect and support for each other and for some candidates a bit of convergence in naming their teams after colours…,” she said.
The common factor in these ladies is that they are all young and seek to enter the political sphere as independent candidates striving to effect change in their different constituencies.

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  1. Yes thanku u to my sisters for leveling the ground for us.. for showing us the way and it is really the only way to go.Gone are the days when we were used by MP male candidates to sing and campagn for them. gone are those days wen they used us to warm their beds and later label us prostitutes .gone are those days wen we were meant to vote for
    them..tiri kutochimhanyawo this time..2018 shall be a history maker for young ladies in politics… We are behind u ladies and together we shall put a mark in the political arena….

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