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Electoral Bill: Ziyambi promises peaceful public hearings

By Daniel Chigundu
Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs chairperson Ziyambi Ziyambi says people who will attend the Insolvency Bill and Electoral Amendment Bill public hearings are assured of a non-violent meeting.
Contentious Bills such as Local Government Amendment Bill, Peace and Reconciliation Bill and the Electoral Law Reforms Bill have previously drawn vicious violence.
And former committee chairperson Honourable Jessie Majome was manhandled by alleged Zanu PF supporters at various public meetings while some members of the public were not spared especially in Harare and Mutare.
Addressing the media, Honourable Ziyambi said as Parliament they are going put measures in place to ensure people are allowed to give their input to the two Bills without intimidation.
“As we have indicated through our adverts in the media, we are very strict and we indicated that we do not want people with party regalia, we don’t people who will be chanting slogans we do not encourage people who come and intimidate people are exercising their constitutional right and their right to be heard.
“So as Parliament we are going to take measures to make sure that whenever we are doing our public hearings people are allowed to say freely whatever they want that is their constitutional right.
“So we are urging all members of the public to exercise their constitutional right to participate in the activities of Parliament during these public hearings and give us their input,” he said
Ziyambi added that people who are not able to attend the hearings scheduled to take place in Mutare, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kadoma and Harare from the 17th to the 22nd of November, are free to send their input by email to bills@parlzim.gov.zw.
In short, through the Insolvency Bill government is seeking to reduce the average period for solving insolvency issues from the current 45 months to less than 12 months and this is expected to increase the average recovery rate for creditors from the current 13.3% among other issues.
The Electoral Amendment Bill, on the other hand, seek to ensure the smooth running of the new voter registration and give effect to the President’s amendments to go beyond the 180 days among other issues.
Legal and electoral watchdog Veritas Zimbabwe has encouraged members of the public to effectively participate especially in the Electoral Amendment Bill.

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