Zim War Vets Celebrate Military Operation. Should We Be Worried?

By Wisdom Mumera
War veterans aligned to expelled former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa have hailed the military operation which has confined President Mugabe to his residents saying its a corrective move to take back the captured state.
As a going forward mechanism they have called for a Transitional government in a move likely to be well-received by the opposition some of whom, like PDP leader Tendai Biti, have been calling for such as government.
Speaking to the media during a press conference in Harare on Wednesday Douglas Mahiya spokesperson for the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) expressed his joy at the move.
“We applaud the work done by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and Commander of the Airforce… boot-licking had become the order of ZANU PF”.
“Zimbabwe belongs to us all. We call upon all sections of security forces, they should shun the practice of yesterday where they arrested those who opposed state capture.
Addressing the same gathering, which constantly broke out in song and celebratory dance, the Secretary General of ZNLWVA Victor Matemadanda, said the imperative is on all Zimbabweans to rebuild the country and urged political parties to unite.
“All political parties should embrace this, we anticipate inclusivity as no one person can correct the situation that we are in”, he said.
Matemadanda added that ZANU PF’s Central Committee is now obligated to proceed and align the party to return to constitutionalism, in reference to the shady plot to revert to a female in the presidium as a trick to place Grace in power.
In an interesting move he added that some of the expelled members of ZANU PF such as Rugare Gumbo, should return to the party.
Gumbo was expelled together with the likes of Didymus Mutasa and Joyce Mujuru with whom he formed the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party which has since splintered with Mujuru later forming her own National People’s Party (NPP).
The Chris Mutsvangwa led ZNLWVA had itself been sidelined by Mugabe in the aftermath of constant clashes over what the war veterans termed state capture by Mugabe incited by Grace, his wife.
In 2016 the war veterans wrote a damning communique in which they criticised Mugabe and urged him to retire and hand over power to Mnangagwa.
Among the reasons they cited was old age and his being no longer marketable as a candidate for the upcoming 2018 elections.
Is it too early to celebrate?

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