Zimbabwe Is On The Edge

By Munya Bloggo
It all started with an Ice Cream, well at least thats when things took a really dramatic turn.
Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa in August this year claimed that he had been poisoned at a rally after he ate ice cream from Gushungo Dairy owned by the Mugabe family. It was all down hill from there.
Zimbabweans woke up this morning to news that the military had taken over control of the state broadcaster. As the news of a possible coup filtered through to social media ordinary Zimbabweans expressed mixed emotions.
A vendor interviewed on the streets of Harare this morning said “We are welcome any change and I feel that it is long overdue”.
In parts of the city of Harare  business is going on as normal but areas close to the parliament of Zimbabwe have been sealed off by army vehicles. Flights to and from Harare International Airport (which was only renamed Robert Mugabe International Airport a few days ago) could be seen but however, heavy military presence could be seen at a checkpoint at the airport.
Robert Mugabe has had a firm grip on power in Zimbabwe since 1980 and has relied on the military to strengthen his 37 years in power as President. Things took a dramatic turn when it became evident that Robert Mugabe was positioning his wife Grace Mugabe to take over from him. The idea of a Mugabe dynasty was met with resistance from Zanu PF members loyal to Vice President Mnangagwa which resulted in him getting fired last week and the army stepping in.
President Mugabe and his family are said to under house arrest and safe, but for how long?

Reactions to Zimbabwe’s Military Seizing Power 

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