Tsvangirai Speaks On Rumours That He Is In Talks With The Army

By Watmore Makokoba
The leader for the Movement for Democratic Change Morgan Tsvangirai has refuted rumors circulating alleging that the army has approached him to map a way of brokering a deal for a transitional political process following the army’s seizure of power.
Speaking to Journalists during a media briefing at Highlands residents Tsvangirai said there no any talk or negotiations going on between him and the army pertaining to the current situation.
“I am hearing from you, currently there is no talk or engagement going on between me and the army,
“I am aware of that information circulating to the effect that we are negotiating for a power sharing deal, this not true”
Responding a question whether he will consider working with Mugabe again in case he survives the military capture the MDC leader said if he was to be approached by the army to broker a deal, he will surely be prepared to be part of it as long as it will help to easy the problems that Zimbabweans have gone through for long, but questioned the legitimacy of that call.
“Given the opportunity, we will certainly consider working with anyone for the purpose of liberating the people of Zimbabwe, we have already worked with Zanu PF in government of National Unity, but I would ask under what legitimacy he (Mugabe) will be inviting me, because circumstances have change now,
Tsvangirai urged President Mugabe to swallow his pride and resign so that he does not further soil his legacy, calling for a SADC and UN monitored transitional mechanism that would lead to free and fair election.
“In the interest of the people, Mr. Robert Mugabe must resign and step down immediately in line with the national expectation and sentiment, taking full regard of his legacy and contribution to Zimbabwe pre and post-independence,
“There must be a negotiated, all-inclusive transitional mechanism, the purpose, essence, nature and character of that mechanism be agreed upon by all national stakeholders,
“There be comprehensive reforms for a free, fair and credible election to be held upon the full implementation of all reforms, an agreed post-election framework to guarantee stability, peace and national prosperity,
“SADC, the African Union, the UN and the broader international community be the underwriters and guarantors to the roadmap to free and fair elections” said the leader of the main opposition party in the country.
Following the seizure of power by the army, there has been reports circulating to the effect that the Army is engaging Tsvangirai to broker a deal for power sharing provided Mugabe steps down.
The MDC is going into the elections under the MDC Alliance, a coalition of opposition parties who have endorsed him as their Presidential candidate.
This was his first address after getting into the country yesterday from South Africa for his routine medical checkups.

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