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‘I dreamt stepping on Mugabe’s head’ – Masarira

By Buhle Tshavango
Controversial activist Linda Masarira who is eyeing the Harare Central Constituency seat in 2018 says she was not surprised by fall of Robert Mugabe from the presidency as she had already stepped on the nonagenarian’s head in her dream.
Speaking during an interview on BBC World News, the 35-year-old activist who was recently acquitted of charges of insulting the person of the President said she had seen the historic event in her dream and that she saw herself stepping on the 93-year-old veteran politician’s head.
Masarira added that she had actually told family members of this dream and as such his resignation was not news to her.
Masarira’s interview comes at a time when the world media has been focusing its lenses on Zimbabwe following a coup by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in the past week.
A number of Zimbabwean politicians, activists and analysts have had the opportunity to be interviewed on the current situation prevailing in Zimbabwe and what the future looks like.
The defiant Masarira has been a vocal critic of Mugabe over a number of years and has likened him to rubbish and to make matters worse, she is also unsympathetic to incoming President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom she is suing for unlawful arrest.
According to Masarira, the resignation by Mugabe who turns 94 next year in February is only half the journey to the promised land adding that people need to register so that they can vote in 2018.

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