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One murderer gone, many left – Thabitha Khumalo

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Bulawayo East legislator Honourable Thabitha Khumalo says the resignation of President Robert Mugabe was a partial victory as he is only one of the many murderers in the ruling party Zanu PF.
Reacting to Mugabe’s resignation letter which had been read by the Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda, an ecstatic Khumalo, could be heard shouting “mhondi yaenda, yaenda mhondi, kwasara dzimwe zhinji” (the murderer is gone, but there are still many more murderers still to go).
Mugabe’s resignation has been met with jubilant wild cheers as many had resigned to the fact that only his death could grant Zimbabwe a new leader since 1980 when the country got independence.

 MPs react to Mugabe’s resignation (Thabitha Khumalo in centre)
Now that what seemed to be an impossibility has become reality, many Zimbabweans have paused and are beginning to reflect as they go back to their usual schedules and routine whether this resignation will usher in a new era both politically and economically or it’s not yet Uhuru.
Many Zimbabweans across the country are caught up in this whirlwind of this sudden change of leadership to the extent that they have not taken regard of the character of the incoming President as long as change has come.
Before ascending to the highest throne in the land, Emmerson Mnangagwa has been criticised and branded as a worse dictator compared to the out-going Mugabe. The former Minister of Justice is accused of personally undertaking atrocities on behalf of Mugabe’s government.
Khumalo’s outburst, therefore, echoes the thoughts of many Zimbabweans especially those in Matabeleland and Midlands who lost family members to Gukurahundi and the amount of support they will give him will only be determined by how will conduct himself as he finishes President Robert Mugabe’s term.
Meanwhile, the voter registration hype seems to have died down and the resignation of Mugabe appears to have stolen the limelight.
Election Resource Centre said, “while Zimbabweans celebrate this new development they shouldn’t lose sight of the inevitability of an election that must ultimately result in a democratic government which remains the only constitutional method that allows citizens to choose their preferred leaders.”
A leadership by choice, however, only rests in the upcoming 2018 general elections whose voters’ roll is currently being compiled by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission through the biometric voter registration exercise.

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