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Mugabe’s ‘impeachment’ a Deborah moment

By Buhle Tshavango
After a prolonged hibernation by women in politics as Zimbabwe’s political sphere witnessed a dramatic turn, female politicians finally stepped up during the albeit aborted impeachment process with a clear stance such that Mugabe’s resignation came in moments before his impeachment.
Hours into the impeachment process by Parliament, Mugabe’s resignation came through, salvaging the little dignity he has left as any further delay would have etched into history the title of an ousted President.
Female parliamentarians were at the helm of the impeachment process with Senator Monica Mutsvangwa leading the motion to impeach Mugabe, and parliamentarians Jessie Majome together with Priscilla Misihairambwi – Mushonga adding their voices to the debate before their moment in the light was cut short by the resignation announcement by the speaker of Parliament.
A greater success overshadowed the MPs feat but history will have it on record that at the 11th-hour female parliamentarians finally found their voice.
Harare West member of Parliament Hon Jessie Majome commended female Mps for taking a leading role in relieving the President of his duties.
“I thank you Mr. Speaker Sir for giving me an opportunity to add my voice to this very historic debate. Mr. Speaker Sir, I want to begin by thanking the mover of this motion, Hon. Sen. Mutsvangwa. It makes me proud that a woman of Zimbabwe who also happens to be the leader of our Women Parliamentary Caucus has led this…” she said.
Hon Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushongwa echoed Majome’s sentiments saying the historic process was indeed a Deborah moment, in reference to the biblical character of Deborah a judge and prophetess who assisted in the leading of Israel’s troops in battle.
“…it makes me really proud that in the spirit of Christianity, this is probably a Deborah moment, where women are taking charge and responsibility”, she said.
Though business of the day was terminated female MPs should rise above this moment in building on their standing and impact in governance issues and desist from sporadic interventions.

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