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Moyo Feels the Fury of Zimbos from Political Exile

By Wisdom Mumera
In the aftermath of his banishment from Zanu PF, exiled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Professor Jonathan Moyo has sought to air out his pains on social media but the ploy has been met with staggering derision and anger by many #Twimbos.
Moyo has slowly increased his visibility on Twitter after an unusual period of silence in the aftermath of Operation Restore Legacy and his subsequent booting out from Zanu PF but he has however found no solace on the platform with many celebrating his political demise.
The free-spirited politician was met with anger from Zimbabweans across the world when he twitted about his pride in serving with and under former President Robert Mugabe.

Many scoffed at Moyo’s veneration of Mugabe likening it to the foolish belief in fables and parodying the statement that he meant it as a negative verdict of Mugabe’s rule.

Almost all of Moyo’s postings have been met with rabid attacks and only his famous headstrong attitude has kept hm socially alive on the platform that he loves so much.
Here Moyo tries to be philosophical.

The responses are scathing.

Indefatigable as ever Moyo returned with another tweet.

Again the army of twitters was ready for him including prominent education activist Raymond Majongwe.

Others have resorted to creating comical images of a troubled Moyo feeling the full burden of his new circumstance.

Moyo has been one of the most hated members of Mugabe’s government for years having been the main architect in the creation of such instruments as Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) andPublic Order and Security Act (POSA) which have been used to muzzle the media.
His banishment from Zanu PF and subsequent exiling from the country has clearly been a cause of joy for many.

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