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Smear campaign against me is tribalistic – Musvaburi

By Buhle Tshavango
Bulawayo South Constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Vimbai Musvaburi has said the continual barrage of attack against her is tribalistic as she is being solely singled out and victimised.
The controversial activist opened up to Open Parly Zw in an interview that the ongoing onslaught against her character was questionable citing her previous scandal where she was involved in the smashing of the former President’s portrait.
“Smashing the President’s portrait has nothing to do with my campaign, initially I felt the backlash was only because I am a woman but then I thought, out of five women  in that video, the whole world focuses on Vimbai,” she said.
Musvaburi said the reason why people’s reactions where mainly focused on her was because she is from Bulawayo.
“The first day I thought is it because I ran so fast?, as if that wasn’t enough, the following day a woman went on to sell a fake story about me (in reference to the H-metro love triangle story) and they still went on to write about it. This is no longer about me being a woman is it because I am from Bulawayo. If I was running in Harare will I have been attacked? Do they want us in office? Are we allowed to be a part of Zimbabwe or we should remain in Bulawayo and remain in Matabeleland?
“In Matabeleland, you can still bring people from Harare to be in office to represent us while us in Bulawayo are saying listen we can do this we know what we want …
“I can safely say that it was very easy to pinpoint Vimbai from Bulawayo South and definitely attack her,” said Musvaburi.
Musvaburi also bemoaned the fact that as a woman in politics, society was harsher on her and constantly focusing the light on her mistakes saying after breaking the former President’s portrait her apology was not accepted.
“I represent women and as women, we want to be in Parliament and represent our own, as women we are tired of indulging in activism to bring up the woman … there were five women and one man in the video of smashing the President’s frame, Fatso went on and apologized, he is a man and they said apology accepted, but when Vimbai went on to apologize, it was get away you!, is it because I am a woman?”, she questioned.
Musvaburi clarified that she did not regret smashing the former President’s portrait but only smashing Meikles hotels private property saying she had approached the hotel and offered to pay for the frame only and not the picture.
“The only embarrassing thing in that video is me running with that portrait, smashing that portrait is not embarrassing at all, I actually feel good. After all, Tajamuka broke frames in small little shops and it wasn’t embarrassing.
Musvaburi scoffed at remarks that this event had tainted her campaign saying smashing Mugabe’s portrait in Bulawayo is great since he engineered Gukurahundi and it had nothing to do with her campaign.
Musvaburi who is running against Hon Eddie Cross said the MP was almost 80 years old and had done his part and she was coming onto the scene with fresh ideas to bring about change in Bulawayo South.
With regards to her campaign, Musvaburi said she was advocating for Ndebele and Shona being the two main languages to be taught in school as a way of uniting the Matabele people with the rest of the country.
Musvaburi called for counselling for the victims of Gukurahundi as well as an acknowledgement by the President of their situation and commitment to deal with it.

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