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Mujuru's Catch-22: Repent from the light or die in darkness

By Wisdom Mumera
Following news that hoards of her supporters in Masvingo have left the party, Presidential aspirant Joice Mujuru now faces the unenviable task of having to choose between going back to a past that she has been attacking in the last few years or sliding to a natural political death.
Sliding is tragically heroic whilst repenting to Zanu PF is a visit to the dentist, however, her final choice may be determined for her by fate.
Since the being booted out of Zanu PF, to the formation of the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) and now to the National People’s Party (NPP), Mujuru has largely been a creation of sentiment, social empathy and every other humane feeling far removed from any political skills she may have.
One has to burrow deep into her past to unearth any semblance of political ingenuity by the veteran liberator and wife of the late Zanla commander Solomon Mujuru.
Most of her rise has been premised on the political machinations of others, chance encounters with positive fate and the alignment of stars in her stride. Seldom to never, has she gone out to craft a nifty ‘Blue Ocean or carry out an Operation Restore Legacy.
The combination of Robert Mugabe’s booting out from Zanu PF and the gradual cracking of her party (NPP) has seen people raising question with regards to the way forward for Mujuru.
Does she throw in the towel and go back to Zanu PF, since she was booted out unceremoniously on yet to be proven charges or does she stand the ground of principle and die honourably?
In NPP she has the vestiges of a democratic wet dream, a dying man’s tired claw for life, desperately selling her as a game changer the economically tired country needs at the moment.
Her pool of supporters are largely bedraggled political prostitutes hobnobbing from each opposition party to another and a few sprinklings of former Zanu PF members disenfranchised by factional wars or searching for convenient posts of power.
The fact remains however that NPP is clothed differently than Zanu PF and in it she has the chance to remedy her tainted past, coat herself in new good governance shades and go out a renovated politician to throw around in conversations about the Zimbabwean Renaissance after Mugabe.
It is a small victory, very much large for someone originally meant to die out as part of the rat-pack of autocrats that destroyed the country.
But death is death and with NPP Mujuru is cozily cruising for nowhere. Tainted by her past and diluted by her new she is an abstract politician of no fixed artistic abode lost in a sea of colours.
Her other choice is to revert back to Zanu PF.
Glow about the demise of Mugabe, lick Mnangagwa, pledge her allegiance and disavow her opposition politics excursion as an anti-Mugabe middle-finger.
In Zanu she has a chance of getting an influential position very quickly and, seeing politics as a means of employment, she may live and die comfortably.
However, the whole country will hate her for taking them for a ride masquerading as a genuine opposition member.
She will be attacked as a bespectacled and large cheeked-political vulture with a fake degree, the same as Grace Mugabe, and will live the rest of her days soiled as a politician with very crude ways of dealing with nous requiring situations in politics.
Mujuru herself has said little about the way forward, just as she did about the coup. She has, of late, adopted that infantile habit of keeping silent about significant news in the belief that the public will think the best of her but it has not worked.
Mujuru is in a tight spot and sooner rather than later needs to say and do something sensible. Rejoin Zanu PF and be a part of the dark arts cult or stick with NPP and fade out with a political whimper.

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