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Khupe defy enemies, rolls out massive BVR campaign

By Watmore Makokoba
Although Zimbabwean women in politics have suffered violence, ridicule and discrimination, MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe has seen it all but has remained unshaken.
In a move that shows she has built resilience, Dr Khupe has shrugged off all missiles unnecessarily thrown at her and went out into the streets of Bulawayo carrying out door to door voter registration campaigns dubbed “Get Out the Vote” campaign admonishing people that only voting will liberate them from poverty.
“We are calling for electoral reforms, we demand a free, fair and credible election, so that we return back to legitimacy. A free, fair and credible election will bring jobs, it will bring food on the table, it will bring a better life for every Zimbabwean,” she said.
Instead of fighting her enemies back within MDC-T who are vying for her position, Khupe has instead chosen to focus her energy on mobilizing people to register for the upcoming 2018 elections.
Political watchers have however interpreted her move as efforts to further solidify her political influence in the “City of Kings” since 2005 when MDC first split .
“I teamed up with Honorable Nomvula Mguni, Ward 16 Councilor Thamani Moyo, and my son Reginald, and “district executives on a Get Out the Vote” Campaign in Magwegwe District’s Ward 29 suburb of Magwegwe North, and Luveve District’s Ward 28 suburb of Cowdray Park respectively.
“I interacted with, and listened to prospective voters in the 2018 harmonized elections and was overjoyed by the enthusiasm of would be first time voters in the 2018 elections. I must say that a lot of work yet needs to be done to achieve the voter registration threshold that will guarantee our party a landslide.
“My plea is to all the progressive forces in the civil and political arena that they now accelerate the voter registration if we are to drown the usual voter rigging mechanisms by Zanu PF,” she said.
Contrary to what some people have been peddling that the former Deputy Prime Minister has been working day and night to undermine her boss Morgan Tsvangirai, Khupe said she is carrying out this campaign to “guarantee that MDC-T president (Tsvangirai) rompes to a landslide victory in the 2018 harmonized elections”

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