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Zanu PF stole our policies: Sibindi

 By Watmore Makokoba
People’s Democratic Union (PDU) president Christopher Bengwani Sibindi claims Zanu PF has been thriving on stealing ideas and policies from his party since 1999.
Speaking at a press conference recently, Sibindi said some of the outstanding policies and programs implemented by Zanu PF were stolen from his party manifesto by Zanu PF.
“Most of our policies were (copied) and implemented by Zanu PF government at proposal level and some derived from our manifesto. The anti-corruption ministry was established 2 days down the line after we had proposed it to be established as a Commission.
“The youth program by the late Border Gezi in its completeness was an extract from our manifesto we designed for youth programs of 2000.
“The infusion of police constabulary details into the police force during Dabengwa’s period as Home Affairs minister was our proposal which he implemented 3 days after the launch and release of our Manifesto of issues and fundamentals,” he said.
The Presidential hopeful also claimed that gold collection program implemented by the former Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono during his tenure was his own brainchild.
“The gold collection program I personally proposed was implemented two days after I posted it as a business proposal to Dr Gono,” he said.
PDU was formed in 2009 and is registered under the Zimbabwe Election Commission, its President (Sibindi) also said he is the Defense Secretary as he awaits to be appointed Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense forces after the impending 2018 elections.
The Sibindi led party is one of the several opposition parties that are targeting to dislodge Zanu PF from power come next elections.

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