Stop it! ED warns errant lecturers

By Watmore Makokoba
President Emerson Mnangagwa has warned higher and tertiary education lectures who are engaging in corrupt practices and sexually abusing students that the full wrath of the law will descend upon them unaware.
Some lecturers in various institutions of higher learning in the country are reportedly sexually abusing students promising them good marks, while others are taking bribes from students to award them undeserving marks.
Speaking at meeting with Vice Chancellors and Principals of tertiary institutions, President Mnangagwa urged lectures to reform adding that his government will not tolerate abusive and corrupt people who take advantage of vulnerable people.
“Students should not be subjected to any form of abuse for higher marks or any unwarranted favor, my government will make sure perpetrators are brought to book.
“Higher learning institutions should abhor corruption and nepotism, lecturers who take advantage of vulnerable students to abuse them should be exposed.
“Students should feel free to report cases of corruption without fear of victimization,” he said.
The President also revealed that he shall be meeting with students any time soon to hear their concerns.
Mnangagwa added that the core purpose of education must be to originate innovation, reward creators and innovators, protect intellectual property and urged students to report any divergent action against that mandate.
Meanwhile, Mnangagwa also took the opportunity to appeal to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, civic society and captains of industry to come together and work towards bailing the country from its current economic meltdown.
“I invite University Chancellors, captains of Industry, the Diaspora and Civic Society to now come together and rebuild our country,”he said.
The meeting adds to several engagements that the new President is bankrolling since taking over power from former president Robert Mugabe who had ruled Zimbabwe for about 37 years

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