ZDD demands a report on ‘Operation Restore Legacy’

By Staff Reporter
Political activist and Zimbabwe Devine Destiny (ZDD) leader Bishop Ancellimo Magaya has demanded that government produce a thorough report detailing events surrounding a military action dubbed Operation Restore Legacy (ORL).
The military action which happened last year in November saw Robert Mugabe being deposed from power and Emmerson Mnangagwa taking over the reigns.
Addressing the media on the Mnangagwa led dispensation, Magaya said since ORL is over, there is need to take stock and produce a comprehensive report on what transpired and also the casualties of the action.
“We acknowledge the fact that the army concluded their ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ by moving out and back to the barracks however, like any other operations the nation would have expected a thorough and well-tabulated report of the outcome of their exercise given that there have been unconfirmed reports of several members of different government departments who could have been held up during the exercise in some army barracks or prison somewhere,” he said.
Magaya added that the church could not afford to remain silent after reports that there are some people who allegedly lost their lives during the military takeover.
“The church cannot keep quiet as these are matters of justice and peace cum-national development. How can we want to move forward when their blood if so, is crying? God will ask, where are thy brothers and we dare to respond like Cain because everyone made in his image matters,” Magaya said.
There are still unverified reports that private guards stationed at former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo’s house were shot dead following a gun battle with the army during a raid of the mansion.
Days which followed saw social media awash with images of what could have transpired during the night of November the 14th which still remains a mystery.
The ZDD leader further demanded answers from the new administration on the disappearance of activists like Itai Dzamara and many others saying their families’ remain restless on what fate could have befallen their loved ones.
Observers have also questioned the new dispensation following what seems to be selective application of law as only Zanu PF members aligned to G40 are being arrested while those from the faction Lacoste are going about free.

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