Moyo goes spiritual to discredit Mnangagwa

By Watmore Makokoba
Embattled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo is making headlines for all the wrong reasons in his bid to ensure Mnangagwa’s government.In his desperate war with Mnangagwa which started way back when he was still the party’s spin Doctor, the learned Professor seems not to be running short of ideas, as he has turned to ancestral theories in order to authenticate his strong standpoint that the Army led “coup” is vanity.
Through his twitter handle (which he said is now his official communication platform ) Moyo said the power takeover is destined to utter failure because the executors and the plotters effected it in the month of November (mwedzi waMbudzi) , which traditionally is regarded in Zimbabwe as a cursed month where no binding human act can stand successfully.
“In Zimbabwe November is sacred. Anything with spirituality done in the month is doomed. It’s the #NovemberCurse. You ignore it only at your peril. A marriage in November fails; or worse happens. Smith’s 11 November UDI failed. So, the 15 November coup of Chiwenga & Ed is doomed!,” said Moyo.
This month, according to traditional belief, it is forbidden even to marry or wed , as the marriage is deemed cursed.
The former First family and G40 henchman is on an aggressive propaganda warfare with the Emerson Mnangagwa administration, This week, Moyo gave a denigrating interview to BBC from his mysterious hideout which he vowed will never divulge.
Earlier on, Jonathan Moyo had posted from his hiding base that he is not in Kenya as many people had assumed, saying that what people should rather know is that he is apparently on Twitter and anyone wishing to engage him should do so through his twitter handle.
“I’m on Twitter; not in Kenya. It’s an open secret that ZanuPF putschists who are insecure in their military coup imagine I’m in Kenya or want me to be in Kenya so they can send their murderous SAS snipers there, after their attempt to assassinate me in Harare on 15 November 2017!” reads Moyo’s post.
Moyo is one of the key henchman believed to have been the key architect of the deposed G40 cabal that was led by former First Lady Grace Mugabe, which allegedly wanted her to take succeed his husband former President Robert Mugabe.
Following the seizing of Zanu PF power led by the Army through an operation called “Operation Restore Order” which saw Mugabe unceremoniously resigning, Moyo and his accomplice escaped death with a whisker after their houses were gun ransacked.
Some of his team, including Former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo, former Zanu PF youth Leader Kudzai Chipanga were arrested while some, the likes of Mugabe Nephew Patrick Zhuwawo are still on the run.

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