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Zanu PF targets foreign owned kombis

Daniel Chigundu
Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Pupurai Togarepi says the party’s youth league will be venturing into the kombi business with the intention of driving foreigners out.
Although the public transport sector is one of the various sectors reserved for the locals in the country’s indigenous laws, Nigerians and other nationals are reportedly controlling a huge chunk of kombis in Harare and other cities.
Addressing the party’s provincial executive leaders at the launch of the #EDHasMyVote Campaign, Togarepi said foreigners in kombi businesses are using the proceeds to buy foreign currency and export it to their countries and youths cannot watch as the country is being looted.
“We have seen foreigners causing foreign currency shortages, they are in the kombi business, they are buying US dollars on the market at Duly, we went around as youth league to see what is happening, where is this foreign currency going we saw them those foreigners in the kombi business.
“It’s a reserved area which is for the youths so as youth league we are forming a company that we will give to you youths in the kombi business, so very soon these foreigners will run way from this business because we will be cheaper than them.
“They do not even have bank accounts they change their money and put it in briefcases and take it outside, we cannot have our economy destroyed while we watch but we are goind to do it legally, we are going to come up with same companies and we will compete them out of business,” he said.
Togarepi added that in light of the current economic hardships in the country that has seen unemployment reaching as far as 85 percent, the youth league has resolved to enter into various businesses.
The secretary for youths revealed that his party was in the process of acquiring equipment that will enable youths to enter into businesses including mining and agriculture.
“As youth league we are not going to be standing akimbo we are going to participate in business, we have availed ourselves, we have structures in place to do business, we are not going to do slogans only we want to go into business.
“We already have land as youth league, we are going to farm on that land and I will be the farm manager, we are going into mining we have already put structures for mining, we are going to process gold, we are in the process of acquiring a very big number of hammer Mills and stamp mills to go and process gold as youths, there is no industry that youths will be prohibited from entering,” he said.
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