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Zanu PF youths get green light to contest bigwigs

 By Daniel Chigundu
 Zanu PF youths have been given the go-ahead to contest the party’s bigwigs for Parliamentary and council seats in the impending general elections.
Although there is no written rule, but generally Parliamentary and council seats are usually a preserve of the party’s bigwigs who use every means in and outside the book to wrestle youths out.
Youths and women have always been complaining that lack of resources has seen them unable to contest with the bigwigs most of whom are multi-business owners and are also in charge of state resources and machinery.
Speaking at the official launch of the #EDHasMyVote Campaign, Zanu PF secretary for youth affairs Pupurai Togarepi said he would be happy to see many youths contesting for Parliament and local authority seats.
“Some of you want to be MPs, please go ahead, you can go ahead, I told youths in Harare a few days ago that if I am politician who doesn’t want youths to become politicians like myself, I am useless very useless.
“I am a father, I have my children and I encourage them to go to school to learn so that they can reach my level, so if I have you as my children politically I would be proud to know that you have achieved, you are now an MP, you are now councilor or you are now a minister.
“I don’t want you to be like those who just herd other people’s cows and but do not get the opportunity to milk them also,” he said.
From the time of Robert Mugabe most primary elections in Zanu PF have been tainted with rigging claims while bloody violence has also been reported.
It however remains to be seen if the primary elections under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be any different.
Some Zanu PF youths are reportedly targeting seats that were previously occupied by G40 members who were fired from the party and recalled from Parliament.
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