Gumbo fumes, threatens to retire corrupt VID officials

By Watmore Makokoba
Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joram Gumbo has warned corrupt Vehicle Inspection  Department (VID) officials that he will not hesitate to fire them if they do not stop their corrupt tendencies with regards to issuance of driver’s licences.
In Zimbabwe it has become impossible for one to obtain a certificate of competency or provisional dirvers licence without paying bribes nomatter who good one can be.
To obtain a certficate of competency one has to part company with about US$150 to US$200 while to pass provisional licence test you would need anything around US$ to US$80 dollars and these figures are deside regular payments at the department.
Addressing VID officials and driving school operators drawn from across the country, Minister Gumbo said he has received numerous complains and reports on corruption at VID offices around the country and has even been given names of some of the corrupt officials.
“We have heard of VID driving dxaminers who corruptly issue certificates of competency and provisional drivers’ licenses.
“I would like to appeal to the director of VID and all deport managers to inform their staff that in this new dispensation we will not accept any form of corruption, if nothing happens we will retire the top officials to demonstrate our seriousness.
“I had no intentions of moving people around from their current stations because of the effects it has especially on their children who will be in school, imagine moving a child from Harare to Binga and they will have to start learning new languages, its not good but if this does not change withing the 100 days then i will be forced to move people even on a weekly or monthly basis to curb corruption,” said Gumbo.
The minister also called on members of the public to desist from paying bribes adding that those who will be caught will be arrested and prosecuted.

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