MDC-T belongs to the people: Chamisa

By Daniel Chigundu
MDC-T acting president Nelson Chamisa has told senior party officials that the party doesn’t belong to them but to the people of Zimbabwe as cracks continue to widen in the labour-based political outfit.
Party leaders are currently embroiled in factional fights bent on succeeding the late party president Morgan Tsvangirai who succumbed to colon cancer last Wednesday.
So dire is the rift that some leaders such as Thokozani Khupe, Lovemore Moyo and others have been boycotting the National Executive Council (NEC) and Standing Committee meetings.
The NEC met last week and appointed Chamisa acting president for 12 months and this reportedly did not go down well with other vice presidents Khupe and Elias Mudzuri who are reportedly leading factions.
However, addressing mourners who had come to bid farewell their leader at Freedom Square, Chamisa said the party will not be divided as claimed and that his appointment was constitutional.

“You (Morgan Tsvangirai) taught us for 18 years, the work that you started we are going to take it forward, but I hear some talking saying MDC will be divided, there will be various factional leaders, don’t rush, let’s calm down and take it easy, Tsvangirai was a unifier.
“The party doesn’t belong to Chamisa, the party doesn’t belong to Khupe, the party doesn’t belong to Mudzuri, it’s not for Moyo, it’s not for Komichi, it’s not even for Mwonzora and it doesn’t even belong to anyone in leadership, the party belong to the people.
“We have done what is necessary to make sure there is no leadership vacuum in the party, what we did is perfectly constitutional, after that we are now going to the next phase which is to go back to the council and make sure we are doing the necessary internal processes,” he said.
Chamisa said the party was not going to allow itself to degenerate into a confusing situation where everyone would declare themselves or claim to be leader of the party
The youthful Kuwadzana East legislator added that while it is accepted that there will be some squabbles in the party’s top leadership, which should not affect the party in general.
“We know there maybe squabble at the top and the head will have headaches but that doesn’t mean the whole body is aching….understand that if you are a leader you are just barrette and not the head and if you cause confusion people will remove you from the head. We will not let down Tsvangirai’s legacy,” he said.
Meanwhile, Chamisa has revealed that MDC-T is sceptical about the sudden interest from the government to offer a military chopper to ferry the body of Tsvangirai from Harare to Buhera.
“Yes, they said we are rushing so that they get the body to the helicopter on time, we thank the government for doing good but we are very sceptical, organiser Komichi and party chairman Moyo hear me, we are very sceptical.
“Because in his entire life he never boarded the state helicopters now they are carrying him because he is dead, as a party, we talking our political perspective but there are other ways of seeing things because at the end of the day we want to be guided by the decision done by the family.
“We must understand why they took our president to One Commando Brigade when he is dead, when they refused to salute him this is why we are saying we don’t want crocodile tears, even if you are a crocodile don’t have crocodile tears no, have human tears,” said Chamisa.

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