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We are fighting to win elections: Busha

By Daniel Chigundu
Freezim Congress leader, Joseph Makamba Busha says his party will be going all-out to win the impending 2018 general elections.
Zimbabwe is set to hold its much-awaited harmonised elections between 21July and 21 August according to the constitutional guidelines, although there are also chances of an early poll if Parliament decides to dissolve itself.
According to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), there are about 84 political parties in the country that have expressed interest to participate in the elections.
Addressing a press conference, Busha said Zanu PF and MDC-T can underestimate him at their peril as he is in it for nothing else but an outright win.

“…we are fighting the 2018 elections to win; we are sounding a warning to Zanu PF and other opposition parties that we are going to win.
“…there is nothing that beats experience (Nelson) Chamisa is known for being as a student activist, what else has he done and (Emmerson) Mnangagwa is just known for being Zanu PF and I am a businessman I bring new ideas and I will create jobs.
“So Zimbabweans need to open their eyes and really say is this political expedience or not, what did they give up during the GNU, they got cars, they couldn’t build a hospital or clinic or just 5000 books for children they could not, they are there for themselves that’s the point.
“I am going to work for Zimbabweans not them working for me, I am saying if they have gardens I going to be their garden boy,” he said.

FreeZim Congress political party led by Joseph Makamba Busha press conference

Posted by Open Parly ZW on Saturday, 3 March 2018

Busha who owns a thriving business empire in South Africa JM Busha Investments which has interests in various SADC countries added that if current President Emmerson Mnangagwa was a capable leader, then former President Robert Mugabe would have given him the node, but he is not.
Meanwhile, the Freezim Congress leader has castigated the Mnangagwa administration for prioritising compensation of former farmers at the expense of the suffering majority.
“There should be no compensation of land until every Zimbabwean is living well, where are they going to get the money when they have stolen it all, there is no compensation until our people start living better.
“They told us that they were targeting criminals around Mugabe so can they give us the list of these criminals,” he said.
Freezim Congress is not new on the country’s political scene as they have participated in various general elections and by-elections across the country.
In 2013, the party failed to field a candidate for the Presidential election after failing to get enough signatures on the nomination form leading to the disqualification of Busha from the race which was eventually won by Robert Mugabe.
However, Busha said they are well prepared this time and they have something to offer compared to their competitors although he expressed concern over the biometric voter registration exercise adding that the manual system was better.
“Because of high stakes we have in these elections we don’t want experiments we know what happened in Kenya, we can’t take chances with BVR system
“We are however going to contest and like I said we are going in it to win,” he said.

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