Mliswa Dares Mnangagwa to Weed out Corrupt Allies

by Wisdom Mumera
Norton member of Parliament Themba Mliswa has advised President Mnangagwa to act on some corrupt allies within Zanu PF or risk losing the 2018 election to the opposition.
The Mines and Energy Parliamentary Portfolio Committee Chairperson said corruption together with scarcity of cash in banks are the two main issues Mnangagwa needs to deal with if he is to have hopes of retaining power in the forthcoming polls.
“Corruption and scarcity of cash are the two main issues the President needs to deal with.He has stated his aim to fight corruption but he needs to show action by dismissing some elements within Zanu PF who have a track record of corruption from the days of Robert Mugabe.
“Keeping them with him won’t augur well for his candidature and he risks losing to the opposition if he fails to address those issues,” said Melissa.
The combative legislator, who has been hogging the limelight with publicised Parliamentary investigations into the disappearance of diamond revenues from Marange and Chiadzwa said the downfall of Zimbabwe can be traced back to ignored corruption under Mugabe.
“Mugabe was content with people coming and handing him gifts without searching to see where the funds for the acquisition of those gifts were coming from.
“Various individuals pilfered state institutions and pretended to have money donating T-shirts to the party whilst in actual fact they were using stolen state resources, ” charged Mliswa.
Mliswa added that their is need for the electorate to offer its voting support to those candidates who have shown a willingness to fight corruption since it’s cancerous presence within Zimbabwe  is bound to affect them negatively.
Various politicians such as former Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo and Zanu PF Youth leader Kudzanai Chipanga have been previously arraigned before the courts on corruption charges.
However up to now no significant punishments have been meted on those arrested or rumored to be corrupt leading to critics of the Mnangagwa government accusing it of stage managing false arrests in an an anti-corruption charade to appease the electorate.

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