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Chiwenga follows MDC rallies: Chamisa

By Daniel Chigundu
MDC Alliance Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa says he is thrilled to have learnt that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is a devoted follower of the Alliance rallies and meetings.
Chamisa statement comes barely 24 hours after the Vice President mocked him about his promise for bullet-trains, spaghetti roads and airports in rural areas branding them as acts of juvenile politics.
Addressing his supporters at Pfupajena Stadium in Chegutu West, Chamisa said he was even encouraged that Zanu PF simply took his rally messages and compiled them into their election manifesto.
“In their manifesto they didn’t say anything except what they heard me say at our rallies across the country, now if you are from next door and your neighbour cooks a very good dish of meat, there are dangers that you might get filled with the aroma and think you are full, now Zanu PF is filled with the aroma of what we are cooking.
“You know I like (Constantino) Chiwenga very much he is showing that he is following my rallies religiously and that proves he is a very big MDC supporter.
“I hear him repeating everything I would have said at our rallies and I said that’s it, so am very happy they are our leaders who fought for our independence but they should now rest.
“We have no problem with them, they did a good thing and played their part, they are a liberation generation but their time is up because what was needed was independence and we got independence and we are free.
“What is needed now is fixing economic issues, we the younger generation have the required spanners to fix the economy,” he said.
Meanwhile, Chamisa has dismissed claims that his government plans to take back farms from the resettled farmers and given back to the previous owners.
“Before I finish there is this issue that I have to clarify, I was asked about it in some other areas that we went.
“We are not going to take back land from people occupying it, for those people on the farms our plan to give them title deeds and the necessary support they require.
“Our support will be different from Command Agriculture being implemented by Mnangagwa which gives inputs to farmers late every other time, we are bringing smart agriculture where you will get support on time,” he said.

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