Maridadi calls for resignation of Journalists who participated in ZANU PF primary elections

Member of Parliament for Mabvuku-Tafara Hon James Maridadi has said members of the media who campaigned and contested in the ZANU PF primary elections must do the honourable thing and resign as they are now damaged goods plainly propagating ZANU PF propaganda
Addressing the media on event of World Press Freedom day commemorations held in the capital today , Hon Maridadi added that it was now impossible to engage such journalists with an open min31949045_1707669039327981_1371108884080492544_nd as they obviously have other agenda’s , adding that he will not let the matter rest if re-elected into Parliament.
“If you participate in primary elections for a ruling party and you work for the public media then you must do the honourable thing and resign, I do not see how someone who works for ZBC today and participated in ZANU PF primaries can go back and claim that they are impartial…What it means is that they are ZANU PF functionalists deployed in those organisations.
“I will not listen to a program that Richmond Siyakurima (radio Zimbabwe) does, even ‘Zviziviso zverufu’, I don’t even trust him anymore he might say Chamisa’s mother is dead, I will not even trust him to give the weather report because he will say it’s raining cats and dogs in Gwanda when he knows the MDC wants to hold a rally. If you are a journalist and you participate in elections for the ruling party, to me you are damaged goods,” said Maridadi.
Hon Maridadi who is also a member of the Media, Information and Broadcasting Services parliamentary portfolio committee  argued that it is basic knowledge that such journalists are now compromised and must go to ZANU PF headquarters where the party must start a radio station for them.
“If I’m in Parliament and such people go back to radio or newsrooms there will not be peace in this country, it’s not because of dislike, they have compromised the trade of journalists. When such a person comes to me for an interview at the back of my mind I will think he is doing it for ZANU PF which is actually the case.”
The radio DJ turned MP says he hopes to be re-elected into Parliament and this is going to be a hot issue up for debate.
“I will fight with the last drop of my blood to ensure such things don’t continue, remember we need to bequeath this country to our children.”

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