3 reasons why I haven't heard of new political parties in Bulawayo?

by Nigel Ndlovu
It’s a few months to go before we exercise our right to vote as Zimbabweans and electoral activity is still slow in my city. As a young Zimbabwean I am really worried. We have seen the Zim People First, NCA, Build Zimbabwe among other political parties which have been doing the rounds in the capital city. In my city, Bulawayo, we still have the old dogs barking, Zanupf, the MDCs, and Zanu. This is exclusively my view, if you know any political party which was formed in Bulawayo this year or last year feel free to direct message me on my social media accounts I have a keen interest in following the new movements. Below are some of the reasons why I have not heard of new political parties being formed in Bulawayo.
1.Flashbacks of the Gukurahundi times.
Oh no! to soon my son, these are probably some of the echoes of the folks reading this blog right now. I will not delve deep into the gukurahundi story. I will recall it in a nutshell. According to stories I heard, Gukurahundi, this was the period in which thousands of innocent masses from the Matabeleland region were massacred by the brutal 5th Brigade ordered by the executive government. The mission to eliminate Joshua Nkomo led rebels in Matabeleland. I am crazy right, to think new political parties not being formed because of this history. This can be true, sometime last year I walking in the streets of Bulawayo when I heard an old man say.” Yekela balibulale ilizwe” this translates to “let them destroy the nation”. Who and what are they? is it the people in Harare? is it Zanupf my mind is still boggled by this statement. If one man can think in this way, I am sure thousands of folks in Bulawayo and Matabeleland regions are thinking in the same way. There are too scared to participate in the electoral processes of Zimbabwe due to an unpleasant political past and violence.
2.Followers no leaders
The other reason might be that folks in this side of the country are accustomed to being followers and not leaders. Joice Mujuru , Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai can come to this side of the country and propagate their agendas to us and we are very much willing to support their empty promises. It is rare to find an individual from Matabeleland addressing masses in Mashonaland. The only figures who can do that are already part of big corrupt political parties, I will not mention more names. Some of the questions in my mind right now are, don`t we have new individuals in Bulawayo who can take this country forward? Don`t we trust our own brothers and sisters to lead Zimbabwe? Are we too scared to come out of our political closets? Don`t we have the qualities? I will leave you to ponder.
3.Not active on social media and the media
One of the easiest ways to reach out and propagate new political ideas to the masses these days is through social media. A well-crafted tweet, WhatsApp message, video, audio sent via social media can cause a massive revolution. The reason why I have not heard of new political parties being formed in Bulawayo is maybe because the founders of the new political parties are not using social media or they are using it incorrectly.
Bonus: there are using keeping us in suspense.
Chances of this strategy working are slim. Suspense only works in movies. Form those parties today, time is money lol.
These are some of the reasons why I have not heard of new political parties being formed in Bulawayo. Feel free to comment and add your reasons and do not forget to comment with any new political parties you know.

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