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5 reasons you should register to vote in 2018 elections | #Ivote4PeaceZW

By Nigel Ndlovhu
The Zimbabwean Elections are around the corner and 2018 might seem like a faraway destination but it is really 1 block away. I have complied a list which I think the Zimbabweans youths should read and make their daily bread.
1.Youths we are Large.
The youth make up majority of Zimbabwe`s population.  This is the same group which always complaining, the same group we see sitting idle in the ghetto because of issues like unemployment’s, the group I am writing about consists people with certificates, diplomas, degrees under their bed pillows. If you are like me and belong to this group, it’s about time you register to vote and change your plight.
2.Youths we are Tech Savvy
Most Zimbabwean youths are well educated and technologically savvy. As such the youths, can target and use information technology to like social media to change their odds and influence the votes and the system in 2018 elections. Yes, I know one of our precious tools [the internet] might be shutdown, this does not give us the excuse to sit back and relax as we get screwed by the youth less folks once again. If youths in history in other countries have done it [without internet] why can`t we do. Let’s register to vote and be voted for.
3.Youths we are Vocal
Throughout history youths have changed the scoreboard of leadership. Picture this for a moment people like Malcom X, Patrice Lumumba, Josuah Nkomo and even Robert Mugabe were youths when they decided to change their unfortunate conditions. Sometimes there is no need to re-invent the will. Let’s us be vocal as youths starting from now. Where ever you are in 2017 be it at school, a college, even in the dusty streets in the ghetto, lets us start to talk about our politics, the economy and how our old leadership has put us in a blackhole of absolute economic misery.
4.Youths we are leaders too.
Once upon a time in Africa the notion that youths or young people should lead was brewed, this notion is dead and gone now. At present in Africa we do have a long list outstanding young people who are heading million dollar companies and are positively changing their communities. It is about time young people are put in positions of power or let me say, the youth must elect and trust other young people to run for office. Youths have the power, the vibe, the knowledge, so what is stopping us?
5.Youths let us register to vote, voted for and actively participate in 2018 Zimbabwean election. [Youths are the Future] In conclusion let us all be wise as youths. We have watched our beloved country become an example of a failed state. Throughout the world, I am sure when people say Zimbabwe, it’s something to do with negative aspects. I respect all our elders, but it’s about time our mothers, fathers, grand fathers and grand-grandfathers chill and let the young people change the fortunes of our great Zimbabwean. Today I will not write about unfulfilled promises, the corruption, the looting by our unyouthfully leadership and they have used us, we all know this has happened. Let us youths pave the way for a new Zimbabwe. Let us register to vote and actively participate in 2018 Zimbabwean election.
I rest my case. I hope you do the right thing.

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